Please Note - This entity is an adult Succubus. She has chosen this as her default form intentionally to provoke and shock people. She is a very sexual entity and revels in the perversion of choosing such a form. I do not endorse sexual conduct with underage peoples of any sort, and I would not offer her unless I was 100% sure she was as old as she says she is. 


Entity Name: Leifan Soren

Entity Age: 326

Species: Succubus

Gender: Female 


Leifan stands 4'6" tall with a petite figure and pale peach skin. Her hair is long, luxuriously thick, and light pastel purple with a slight wave. Her face is cute and rounded, with large, deceivingly innocent lavendar eyes. She has two smooth, curved horns in a matching lavendar color, one on each side of her head, towards the tips of the horns there is a white blush. She has two small, light purple, leathery wings and a long thin tail with a heart-shaped tip, in a matching color. She has no real bust to speak of, but her rear is generously sized compared to the rest of her body. She tends to wear lingerie in white and light pastel colors, and is a fan of stockings. She prefers silver accessories, and her favorite gemstone is Amethyst. She typically wears a silver ankle bracelet with a few charms on it. 


Leifan is an energetic, devious, sultry Succubus who loves to make others uncomfortably attracted to her. She likes to challenge people's perceptions of sex and sexuality, so she likes to choose forms that would not normally be associated with being "sexy". She is very forward and flirty, despite her small size she always makes a big impact where-ever she goes. She is outgoing and daring, taking the stage at a dance club and stripping would be her idea of a fun night out. She loves alcohol and has a huge tolerance, she is tiny but it seems like she can drink her body weight in liquor before she gets drunk. She has an interest in a few things in the human world, those being sexual media like porn, controversial sex-related art, romantic and sexy stories, and music. 


Leifan is not just any Succubus, she is one of many Princesses of her realm, Perloria. It is unlikely that she will ever become Queen, because she has many siblings who are older and more suited to the job, but her position as Princess has given her access to some of the finest education in the Lower Hell Realms. She has studied self defense, energy manipulation, and of course sex magick. She can harvest and use sexual energy for almost any purpose, and she specializes in influencing others feelings. This can be used to sway someone to look at you more favorably, either as a friend, co-worker, or a lover. She is intense and passionate and if you make a request of her, be ready to supply her with the sexual energy she will require. Leifan is also capable of summoning various other lesser Lower Hell Realm Entities such as Hell Nymphs, Imps, and more. She can also summon other Succubus and Incubus from her home realm to assist her.  


Leifan is willing to be sexual and romantic with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is coy and likes to tease, but she always makes sure that you will go to sleep satisfied. She has an unquenchable thirst for sex and likes to be on top so that she can ride her partner til her hearts content. She loves to perform and receive oral sex, and she is a fan of group sex, which she could arrange with some of her friends if you didn't have any willing entities at home. 

Prebound L - The Lewd Princess

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