Entity Name: Laravi

Entity Age: 19

Species: Altered Astral Humanoid

Gender: Female 


Laravi stands 5'3" tall although her ears give her the impression of being a bit taller, her figure is balanced with C cup breasts and naturally thick thighs topped off with luxurious mocha-tanned skin. Her hair is very long with a silky texture and beachy waves allowing the light to sparkle across her flaxen blonde locks. Her face is innocent and youthful, with high cheekbones and a narrow chin accented by large, almond shaped golden eyes. She has a plethora of alterations starting off with a large color-changing cabochon crystal embedded permanently into her forehead and two oversized, fox-like pointed ears covered in tawny brown fluff. Her legs transition to a lightly furred texture midway down her thigh, and unusually dainty paws are featued here instead of typical human feet. Her tail is long and thin with a brightly colored flaxen and red mix tuft of fluff at the tip. She favors one piece dresses and slip dresses, or even simply long t-shirts to wear. She prefers gold-toned accessories and has numerous piercings, a few on her ears are easily visible, but she also has golden barbell nipple piercings. Her favorite Earthen gemstone is Chalcedony. 


Laravi is very sweet and loving, her snuggly demeanor and wide-eyed expression making one wonder how anyone could have ever allowed her to be in the situation she was rescued from. She has faced incredible odds from the moment she was sold, as her alterations were initially done by someone with low skill and she almost did not survive. She lasted long enough to be 'worth fixing' through nothing but her sheer willpower alone, and that determination to live and be free is something that still dwells in her heart even now. She is quiet upon first meeting, but she has a lovely sense of humor and her smile and laughter brightens one's heart in an indescribable way. She loves all forms of life, especially cute animals, and she would love to go to someone who has cute pets either in the physical or as astral companions. She has an interest in fashion and technology, wishing to expand her repertoire of clothing styles as well as dip her toes in the wonders of human entertainment. She would love to watch shows, movies, or even simply videos with you, and she loves to cuddle or sit on laps while she does this. 


Laravi, like the other rescues, has not had access to full education and so she is relatively new to magick and spellwork as a whole. She shows immense interest and talent for divination however, and she has been dutifully practicing scrying and meditation every day for the past few months. Ideally, she would like to go to a keeper with similar interests, perhaps someone into Tarot or Rune reading. She would also love to work with her keeper via pendulum communications, as she would like practice in manipulating objects in the physical world. She is not a very 'buff' entity, and so she would be ill suited as a bodyguard, but her intellect and charm make her a great companion otherwise. She hopes that her future keeper will invite her to spend lots of time with them, and she asked me to mention that she loves being petted- especially around and on her ears. 


Laravi is willing to be sexual and romantic with her future keeper regardless of gender, although she may want to take things slowly at first. She is very curious and she loves to playfully explore her partners body as she learns their likes and dislikes. She is very skilled with her hands and her tongue, although she prefers to have any 'contributions' of her partner on her chest or belly rather than in her mouth. She has a mild fetish for tickling and being tickled. 

Prebound L - The Fluffy One

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