Entity Name: Larein Scorsghel

Entity Age: 426

Species: Greyborn Humanoid/Shade Demon Hybrid - Grey Arts

Gender: Male - Can not gender shift like a full blooded Shade Demon


Larein stands 6'2" tall with a thin, lightly athletic figure and pale porcelain skin with a pale blue tint. His hair is medium length, straight, and lavendar in color with a light hint of blue near the nape of his neck. His face is slim and angular, with calm looking grey-blue eyes and a soft smile. He has no horns or tail, but does have wispy light blue wings, transparent and flowy like crinkled bits of tulle, they wave gently behind him and can be hidden away using shifting if he wishes to. He typically wears closely fitting clothes in dark blue and neutral colors, favoring long robes and sashes for his upper body and occasionally accenting with a vibrant green, gold, or purple. His favors gold accessories, and his favorite Earthen gemstone is golden Citrine. 


Larein is a calm, smooth, casual guy with a laid back attitude and a relaxed demeanor. He is easy to get along with, and capable of friendly intelligent discussion even about difficult topics. He rarely gets riled or angry, and is extremely skilled at keeping an even temper when dealing with others. His energy is wonderfully soothing, with a cool and refreshing feeling that tempers anger and stifles anxiety. He is an introverted guy, very into meditation, study, and self discovery. He would love to meditate with you, blending energies with you and helping you to find inner peace and solace. He is a fan of fantastical stories with elaborate, detailed worlds that he can immerse himself into. He loves magick and the natural connectedness of the Earthen realm and the elements. He would love to explore nature with you and teach you how to harness the wealth of elemental energy all around you. He has an interest in a few other things in the human world, those being sci-fi, painting, electronic music and simple sweets like jello. 


Larein has studied elemental magicks all his life, born to a Shade and Humanoid couple, he learned to utilize the elements safely from a pacifist point of view. As he matured he grew out of his timidness and began adapting his techniques for proactive defense as well as reactive measures. He learned to perform miracles in combat, wielding each element as if it was an extension of his body, his movements natural and fluid. He can make weapons, shields, armor, and constructs out of elemental energy, and he can also perform a wide range of spellwork, each element adding a different energetic flavor to the mix. He knows how to do everything from wealth gaining to cleansing, wish granting to hexing, reversal to simple conjuration, his mind has been a sponge for hundreds of years and he has thirstily soaked up every drop of knowledge he can. His skill is in his precision and eye for detail, perfectly executing maneuvers and reciting tomes and spells with textbook enunciation. His many years of practice and study have made him well prepared for almost any situation. 


Larein is willing to be romantic and sexual with his future keeper regardless of gender. He is shy to romance and sex, although he greatly enjoys it. He tends to be a very expressive and somewhat loud lover, if you are pleasing him he will definitely let you know it. He tends to be more submissive in the bedroom, although he does initiate sometimes if he knows the other person would be receptive to it. 

Prebound L - The Elemental Mage

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