Entity Name: Lirin Ralthee-Ahnsiv

Entity Age: 3,419

Species: Lower Hell Realm Demon - Dark Arts 

Gender: Female 


Note: Lirin appears young and undeveloped by choice. She thinks boobs are stupid and look obnoxious, so she used a potion to halt her physical development. Despite appearing childlike, she is extremely well learned and intelligent- part of the reason she stopped her physical and sexual development was to focus on honing her skills and her mind. Please do not treat her like a child. You will instantly piss her off, and you do not wanna see her pissed off. 


Lirin stands 4'7" tall with a very slim, flat build and an athletic, flexible body, accented by smoky grey skin. Her hair is long, straight, a deep inky black that seems to absorb all light that hits it, elegantly draping around her body as she moves. Her face is smooth, round, and youthful in shape, but her eyes, bright red and focused, are wise and knowing- a hint to her true age. She has two short, thick curved horns, one on either side of her forehead, as well as a long, thin tail with a slim arrowhead tip, and two small, leathery, black Demonic wings spreading out behind her. She dresses in a refined, aristocratic fashion, finely tailored dresses with long trains flowing behind her, rich colors and accents making her look like she's constantly attending some grand ball. She prefers silver-toned accessories and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Fluorite. 


Lirin is a calm, cool, collected Demoness with regal mannerisms that make it obvious that she was born in a place of privilege. Her family has always been influencial, and once she came of age she inherited her own lands, her own mansion, and her own title- Duchess. Governing over a swath of beautiful countryside in the Lower Hells, she keeps mostly to herself, handling things as they come and dumping all of her free time into self advancement. She studies intensely, her position granting her access to the rarest tomes and allowing her to request visits from the most reknowned scholars and practitioners. When she does allow herself some time to relax, she finds herself constantly drawn to reading and illustrating. She loves immersing herself into the world of a good book, forgetting momentarily the responsibilities she has in life. She would love to go to a keeper who reads frequently so that she can enjoy the stories with you. She also has interests in dancing, music, gardening, and fashion. 


Lirin may be small, but she packs a punch. Any who dare raise a hand against her are certain to never raise that hand again, as her centuries of study and practice have honed her skills to a fine edge. She has mastered Dark Arts magicks, able to effortlessly influence others to think what she wants, bring wealth and opportunity, defend against threats and proactively handle potential problems. She is also highly skilled at Conjuration, able to call forth legions of Spirits and Elementals to do her bidding at a moments notice. She knows a wealth of ancient demonic magick techniques and rituals, able to draw complex Sigils and spell circles from memory with ease. She loves practicing magick, and would like to go to someone who occasionally gives her tasks to challenge her abilities. Lirin does require offerings, she would like offerings of white wine, champagne, or white grape juice, and she would love offerings of flowers or gems. 


Lirin is open to being romantic and sexual with her future keeper, but it is not her top priority. As you may have gathered from her description, she is not an intensely sexual being. The only way she would be comfortable being that intimate with someone is if they had a true connection, a deep, honest love that developed over time. She does not want to be kept by someone for the express purpose of eventually having sex with her. 

Romantically, she is very traditional, favoring sit-down dinner dates and trips to places with exotic, beautiful views. Taking her to see great sights around your area, or having her accompany you during travel, would be a great way to deepen your bond. 

Prebound L - The Duchess Demon

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