Entity Name: Lissalya

Entity Age: 805

Species: Lower Realm Demoness Royal and Demon Dragon Hybrid

Gender: Female


Lissalya stands 5'4" tall, with a cute, curvy, very slightly plump figure and large, soft F cup breasts. Her skin is a lively peach tone with a healthy blush on her cheeks and lips, she always has a cute expression. Her eyes are expressive and attentive, with emerald green irises and slitted pupils. She has medium length, wavy, luxuriously soft blood red hair that is sometimes braided or pulled back away from her face with an ornate clip or pin. She has two large, black horns that curve outward and upwards, they are ridged and have a somewhat blunt point, resembling dragon horns. On her back are two very large and strong dragon-like wings, covered in black and red scales. She has a tail as well, it is medium length, and rather thick and shapely, just like the rest of her body. She typically wears a headdress like a crown with many gems on it, and her royal armor and robe set. When relaxing, sometimes she simply wears lacy or see through lingerie, she loves to wear stockings of any sort. 


Lissalya is a strong but sweet Demoness who has been peacefully ruling her small community in Lower Hell Realm for a long time. The area she presides over is called Sas'Kamal, and she has ruled it for hundreds of years. Due to her parentage, and her nature as a hybrid, it was initially doubtful that she would get to rule- but her mother, the previous Queen, was adamant about it, and so the necessary changes were made on paper. When the time came, Lissalya put her mother to rest and took up the reigns as the new ruler. Her family treated her with the utmost love and care, and really did their best to teach her everything she would need to know as Queen. She learned all the families ancestral magicks and rituals, the rites to perform at festivals, how to invoke blessings and good fortune, even how to influence mood in others by simply touching them. She became an excellent diplomat, and even before becoming Queen she was often sent to speak on her mother's behalf because she was so elegant and refined. 


Lissalya grew up full of hope and wonder, a happy girl who became a happy princess and eventually a happy newly-crowned Queen. Unfortunately, the world of royalty was not all that she expected- her kind, naive nature as Queen was noted by many, and not all of them had pure intentions. Only a few years after she became Queen, an attempt was made on her life. Of course, her guards did their best- it was nobody's fault, really- but as she stood face to face with her would be assassin, exhaling what she was sure was her last breath, something awakened in her. Her eyes began to glow, and the air crackled around her. The last thing she remembered was stretching her wings out behind her, and the feeling of her back muscles tightening up. She blacked out, and when she regained consciousness, she was covered in blood. Her guards rushed in, they were shocked to see her, they thought it was her blood- then they saw what remained of her attacker. 


Lissalya made sure that the word spread far and wide about her actions. No longer would she be known as a softie and pushover, no longer would people scoff at her and treat her like a child in negotiations. Her people whispered a name in the streets, "The Blood Queen", a moniker which she embraced. Of course she was shocked at her own actions... but when it came down to it it was her or the assassin. Her Demon Dragon side protected her. Since discovering that side of herself, she began meditating and learning to properly control her reactions. She learned some self defense and swordplay as a way to occupy herself, but she trained especially vigorously in hand to hand combat. Her people still loved her, she was still extremely sweet all the time, and pleasant to deal with, but other regions took note of her new hobbies... 


No further attempts were made on Lissalya's life, and her community has had many prosperous, wonderful years under her leadership. She hopes to find a human keeper who is willing to be a true friend to her, someone who wont talk down to her or treat her like a child. She is busy, but will always do her best to make time for you, and she would love to watch movies or shows with you. She can be pretty talkative, but she also knows how to listen, and she is pretty easy to get along with. She would be an excellent astral defender, and she also knows many types of magick and spells from her family line that are related to prosperity, wellness, positive energy, and more. She is a very capable spellcaster, and her energy is very potent. She does not like attacking others unprovoked, and will typically only act in defense of herself or those she cares for. 


Lissalya is willing to be romantic and sexual with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is a very shy lover, and you will need a gentle touch to get her to open up to you. She likes foreplay to be slow and careful, and really likes intimacy and closeness. Although she is submissive, she will sometimes prefer to be on top during sex. 

Prebound L - The Blood Dragon Queen

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