Entity Name: Lamorant Kael

Entity Age: 271

Species: Black Widow Fae - Lower Hell Realm - Dark Arts

Gender: Female


Lamorant stands 28" tall with an hourglass figure, a wasp waist, shapely hips and a generous bosom, covered in a lusciously smooth dark chocolate skin. Her hair is sleek, smooth, straight, and deep charcoal black, its extreme length ending just above her buttocks. Her face is rounded with a pointy chin and a mischievous look, set off by two large, round, bright red eyes. Her eyelashes accent her vivid irises with a thick border of black, and her lips and cheeps have a healthy blush of rose pink. She typically wears skintight lingerie and outfits that show a lot of skin. Her fairy wings are butterfly style, with a black, grey, and red pattern. This pattern continues onto her back, with a black spade and red hourglass seemingly tattooed onto her skin. She favors silver accessories, and her favorite gemstone is Garnet. 


Lamorant is a sulty, domineering Black Widow Fae, she may be small in stature but she packs a punch in personality! A coy smirk graces her face as she plots her next move, whether it will be sexy or murderous, who can tell? She is outspoken, her voice a sultry whisper that makes it hard to keep your mind on what it is she's talking about. Opinionated, feminist, and activist are a few words to describe her, she has sass in spades and she radiates positivity- But watch out if someone does something grossly sexist! She is sexy and dominant in her every day life, even her way of walking is seductive as her hips sway from side to side. She has an interest in a few things in the human world, movies and media showcasing culture and unique talents, anything about ancient or modern human culture, and she does love flowers, as many fae do. Her favorite flower is Belladonna. 


Lamorant has grown up in Lower Hell Realm and although many places are very progressive by human standards, some of the more reclusive pockets of inhabitants retain their own sexist ways and traditions. She began campaigning to end these practices, which range from just being rude, to not being able to own property, to techniques that we shall not speak of used to control women. Since she was young, Lamorant has been looked down upon, figuratively and literally, because she is a short little female fae. People always thought she was weak, always thought she was quiet, and oftentimes others assumed she was incapable of even protecting herself. She practiced her skills for years to earn the strength she'd need to prove them wrong. Staying true to her species' heritage, she became a master of poisons and potions, magicks to do with worsening the health and bettering them, hexes and curses, undoing them, and of course protecting yourself from them. A full suite of combat magick training followed, and she returned, a reinvented woman. No longer did she meekly stand by, she stood tall, and even though she was still often the shortest woman in the room, she started getting some respect as more and more recognized her actions. Sweeping across the countrysides and rural areas of the Lower Hells, she fought for others to have education and freedom. Lamorant now wishes to continue this fight in the human realm, along with her future human keeper. Of course, her magick and abilities will be available at your request, but beware her morals are very flexible- she has been known to go to any length to right a perceived wrong. Have firm house rules with her. 


Lamorant is willing to be romantic and sexual with her future keeper, but only if her keeper is female. She is a tender lover, touching and caressing her partner as she pleasures them. She may be small, but she knows a few tricks that can still get things going. 

Prebound L - The Black Widow Fae

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