Entity Name: Kera In'Vas

Entity Age: 1453

Species: Lower Realm Demon - Nightfall Demon

Gender: Female


Kera stands 5'7" tall with an hourglass figure and a narrow waist. Her skin is a lively peach color, and her D cup breasts balance out her wide hips nicely. Her eyes are shapely with thick lashes and bright red irises, and her face is smooth and soft with plump red lips. Her hair is long, straight, and black, and she normally keeps it pinned up- right now it is in a large bun. She has two medium sized black horns, one on either side of her head. Her wings are black and red leathery demon wings, and her tail is long, thin, and black with an arrowhead tip. She typically wears very skimpy black leather and scale armor, she loves stockings and thigh high boots, and she is never seen without her weapon of choice, a long blade that separates into a whip with bladed sections. 


Kera is a sweet and sexy Demoness. She loves to play around physically, and will often use her whip to grab people and pull them close- don't worry, she takes care not to hurt anyone unless in battle. Once she gets you where she wants you, and restrained, she tends to take her time playing with her "prey", sometimes she explores your body sensually and slowly, other times she goes right for the goods... it just depends on her mood. She always likes to be in control, and she tends to speak very directly when it comes to what she wants sexually, and otherwise. 

There is more to her than sex, of course. She is a very intelligent Demoness, capable of holding her own in many situations. Her abilties stretch from close-combat to conjuration, although she can only conjure things weaker than herself for safety reasons. 


Kera has spent much of her life working as a bodyguard for high profile people in Lower Hell Realm. She has tons of crazy stories to tell about her and her companions beating back impossible odds, and would love someone to tell them to who hasn't already heard them thousands of times. Although she does not go out on too many risky trips these days, she still has access to tons of information as she makes her way from town to town in Lower Realm, hitting the rumor mill in each area to keep up to date. She would be an excellent informant for someone capable of astral projecting, or an excellent protector. 


Kera is willing to be romantic and sexual with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is excited at the prospect of playing with a human. She tends to be very dominant in bed as well, and she always likes to build up a lot of anticipation before she allows her partner to orgasm. 

Prebound K - The Whip Maiden

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