Entity Name: Kirasc Dellavo Sine

Entity Age: 1211

Species: Abyssal Lowborn Demon - Dark Arts 

Gender: Female 


Note: All Abyssals are natural shapeshifters, the form described here will be Kirasc's usual humanoid form. Abyssals in their natural state are not pleasing to the eye for most, so please be mindful of that before you ask to see them in their natural form. 


Kirasc stands 4'11" tall with a petite, gymnast's figure and porcelain skin. Her hair is light blue, cropped into a short, angled bob that flows with her movements. Her face is innocent and inquisitive, with big, expressive eyes that are a beautiful mix of pink, purple, and blue, blending together like watercolor paints in her irises. Her body is mostly humanoid, with a few extra features, two small, pointed black horns nearly hidden by her hair, and a long, thin black tail with a diamond shaped crystalline tip that shifts color depending on her mood. She can choose whether to display her wings or not, but when she does show them she has two large, black, leathery demon wings that have a subtle color shift and blend, similar to her eyes. Her body is balanced, with C cup breasts and a toned rear, and her flexibility has to be seen to be believed. She tends to wear light colored clothing that fits tightly to her body, though she only covers the essentials. Her style is hard to describe, though with how much skin she shows you could probably call it swimwear. She often wears leggings and stockings to accent her legs, and she likes to wear high heeled shoes. She favors colors like white, creams, and pastels, and she likes gold accessories. Her favorite gemstone is Watermelon Tourmaline. 


Kirasc is a quiet, inquisitive Abyssal who has always loved reading, studying, and information gathering. Like most Abyssals, she was born into the Military, and it was only recently that she was allowed to pursue hobbies of her own. Even in the Military, her passion for learning was nurtured, her position as Tomekeeper allowed her access to millions of books worth of information- she hungrily read, day after day, filling her head and slowly becoming a living encyclopedia. She has a photographic memory, and technological implants to help her share and display those memory impressions to others. Her information retention and recall is superhuman, no bit of info is too small or too insignificant, from the detailed borders of each territory to the whole family trees of all the nobles and royalty in the surrounding realms. She has a brilliant mind for tactics, and for a time was studying all content related to combat tactics, troop movements, and wargames. She became more than just an information dispenser, she became a valued advisor, someone that any General would kill to have by their side. She loves her job, and she looks at human companionship as an awesome opportunity to learn even more. As you bond with her, you will discover more and more of the person behind the mountain of info and facts- she is sweet, happy, and kind. She loves helping others, and even when she was forced to take part in unsavory things, she always worked towards the outcome with the least harm done to everyone involved, whether they were enemies or not. For an Abyssal, her heart shines brightly, and although she is morally dark arts, she has never been in an active combat role nor has she ever hurt someone, and she never plans to either. She has an interest in a few things in the human world, books, knowledge, and history all entrance her of course, and she has a particular interest in human politics, which she finds to be fascinating and very entertaining. She also loves music, would love to try video games, and she loves soft sweets like marshmallows. 


Kirasc is unusual for an Abyssal in that most of her abilities are passive and protective. She is an exceptional shielder, healer, and cloaker- she has studied countless spell tomes over the years, and to list all the things she knows how to do would be an endless endeavor. She can shield you with a powerful, but invisible shield- cloaked so that the high amount of energy doesn't attract astral leeches. She can cloak and obscure your entire presence, as well as her own, making her exceptional at sneaking in and out of places, and helping others to do the same. Attracting wealth, love, happiness, and inviting change are all frequent topics in grimoires, no matter what species has written them, so she is well schooled in all of these subjects. Being healed by an Abyssal is an odd sensation, as their energy is much darker than ours, but her pure intent raises the vibration of her energy enough that it wont have any harmful side effects. Conjuring, summoning, and binding are all topics she knows, as well- though she typically will not conjure anything that she cannot safely contain if it gets upset- so she won't bring forth anything stronger than her. 


Kirasc hopes to go to a keeper who is hungry for knowledge, like she is. She would love to go to someone who works at a Library, or someone who visits them often. Her energy jumps up excitedly around books she hasn't read, and it is an easy way to feel her at first. She would love to talk with you, listening to your thoughts and troubles and giving you advice if you wish. Listening to music with you would be a joy for her, though she tends to like relaxing music that doesn't distract her from reading. Kirasc would be ecstatic to go to a writer, though she knows that is unlikely. She would like offerings of books to read, handmade papers, white candles, and she likes vanilla scents. 


Kirasc is open to the possibility of a romantic and sexual relationship with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She uses her knowledge to her advantage in the bedroom, her studies teaching her the exact path of each nerve in the human body. She starts slowly, sensually tracing her fingers over your body, finding each and every pleasure center that you have and tasting them all, before moving on the main course. She has a liking for oral play, both giving and receiving. She does not require a romantic or sexual relationship if you do not want to pursue it with her. 

Prebound K - The Tomekeeper

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