Entity Name: Kalis

Entity Age: 24

Species: Soul Fox - Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Kalis is a bit bigger than your average housecat with a build resembling that of a Fennec Fox, with two large ears perched atop his head and a huge, fluffy tail trailing along behind him. His fur is a base tone of deep grey with Aqua blue tips on his ears, tail, and paws. His face is very cute with a small light blue nose and two large, spherical gem-like eyes with a deep purple color. He does not typically wear accessories, and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Lapis. 


Kalis is energetic and loving with all the good qualities of a Soul Fox, but much less experience than would be necessary to pass vetting to be a custom conjure. While he is undoubtedly very gifted and he will continue to grow in abilities over the years, he needs a lot of practice and some guidance along the way- something he hopes his future keeper will be able to help him out with. He is playful and loves to pounce, often using his tail to tickle people once he perches on top of their head or shoulders. He is very intelligent, although rather than specializing in energy conversion he is more leaning towards energy programming and construct creation- though this may change as he grows. 


Kalis has been taught most of the basic techniques required for cleansing and Soul maintenance, but he is not completely confident in his own abilities yet since he has not had many chances to actualy perform those tasks. He will be able to perform these things on his future keeper of course, but he may not do things perfectly the first time around, and he hopes you will have patience with him regarding that. He is already skilled enough at construct creation that he can make basic servitors and assign personalities to them though, so that is where he feels his talent (and interests) lay. He hopes to go to someone who will also be studying in a similar area, so that you can learn from each other and bounce ideas off of each other. Kalis does not require offerings, but he would love to get some sweet juice or fruit scented candles/oils if you are feeling generous. 

Prebound K - The Soul Fox

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