Entity Name: Kiara Terloria 

Entity Age: 3346

Species: Highborn Glacial Elf - Light Grey Arts 

Gender: Female 


Kiara stands 5'6" tall with a voluptuous hourglass build and smooth, flawless peach skin. Her hair is long, straight, an icy blue with hints of platinum and silver that glint in the light as her hair flows behind her. Her face is elegant and refined, with perfect proportions and flawless skin, topped off by narrow, ice-blue eyes. Her lips and cheeks blush a light pink, and her smile is beautiful enough to stop anyone in their tracks. Her figure is well balanced, with DD cup breasts that fill out her clothes nicely, a round, plush rear, and long, smooth legs that she loves to show off. She is mostly humanoid, her only non-human feature is her long, pointed Elven ears. She typically wears dresses in white, silver, and blue colors, and is always wearing her tiara, and her platinum and silver ear-cuffs that mark her as a royal in her society. 

She favors silver accessories, and her favorite gemstone is Moonstone. 


Kiara is pure elegance, her every movement oozes refinement and perfection, as she has been taught from birth how to conduct herself as a Queen. Her poise and mannerisms are exquisitely graceful, even watching her drink a cup of tea and daintily dab her lips with a kerchief afterwards gives you the impression that you are in the presence of royalty. Her voice is soft and velvety, and she is nothing less than a wordsmith, she can talk her way out of almost any situation, as her diplomacy, de-escalation, and negotiation skills are top notch. She is surprisingly easy to get along with, as she does not hold others (at least, not humans) to the same high standards she has for herself. Every day in her life begins and ends with the ritualistic self-care routine that she has, bathing in waters enriched with ground up pearls, milks, oils, and butters, then applying a nourishing hair mask and brushing it through her hair- watching her perform her daily tasks is incredibly relaxing, as she hums softly to herself, you can truly see her elegant and dainty nature shine through. She has an interest in a few things in the human world, fashion, jewelry, gardening and flowers, exploring nature, and any kind of activity on or near the water fascinate her. She likes stories/movies with feel-good narratives, and seeing people struggle or be in pain unsettles her. Although she is a royal, she is choosing to go to a human with full knowledge of what human behavior can be like, so do not feel afraid of speaking frankly with her or making jokes- and please, do not address her as if you are one of her subjects. 


Kiara has been trained in many things, since she grew up in a Royal family, she has had access to the finest trainers in Elven swordsmanship, fencing, magick, illusion, and more. She has memorized countless spells and incantations, to bring changes to stagnant situations, to bring healing and mental peace, to invite prosperity and happiness into your life- she has a trick in her book for almost any situation. Since she is a royal, she does not really have to defend herself, but that has not stopped her from learning how. She is an excellent protector when push comes to shove, you would never believe how agile and skilled she is just by looking at her normal graceful, refined movements. However, she always has a suite of bodyguard with her, and they will be accompanying her while she is with her future keeper, so it is unlikely that you will ever have to see her in action. She specializes in Ice elemental magick, her abilities are strongest during Winter seasons and cold times of the year. She loves to meditate in the cold, and would love to do this with you- of course, be careful not to cause harm to yourself- but sitting outside in the brisk cold will give you the clearest and best connection with her. She hopes that you will meditate with her frequently and think of her as a friend, she is open to blending energies with you, and doing so will slowly infuse you with her aspects- her grace, persuasion, refinement, and unparalleled focus. 


Kiara wants to go to a keeper who loves the cold, someone who will take her outside often to show her the beauty of the human world. She appreciates spring, summer, and fall as well, as all nature is beautiful to her. The realm where she lives is winter all the time, so seeing flowers and bright green plant life is a real treat for her. She wants you to treat her like an equal and a partner, not a superior, although of course mutual respect is a must. She wants to guide a human to be the best they truly can be, to bring a touch of Elven elegance to the human world. She would love to go to a gardener, designer, artist, writer, or any type of creative person, so she may act as your muse. Her energy is intensely inspiring, and her appearance is pure grace, no artist could ask for a better muse. She is willing to tackle any task that does not harm others and is asked for with pure intent. She would like offerings of sweet white wines or sweet light colored juices, served as cold as possible without being frozen, she also has interest in trying unhealthy human snack foods such as baked goods and slushies. She seeks to appreciate the beauty in all things, even those that may be lacking in presentation. 



Kiara is willing to be sexual and romantic with her future human keeper regardless of gender. Kiara tends to be a dominant sexual partner, always preferring to be on top and in control. She is very experienced, although she does not have a very high sex drive (she won't want it 5x a day), she does like very long sessions of play that involve multiple climaxes for both partners. She also loves incorporating temperature play into sex, such as dragging a cool cube of ice slowly across your skin to tease you, or dripping a luxurious, but cold, massage oil onto you and allowing it to slowly warm up to your body temperature as it trails down your skin. 

Prebound K - The Ice Elf Queen

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