Entity Name: Kalsi Origga 

Entity Age: 1,226

Species: Lumina Demon and Gold Djinn Hybrid - Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Kalsi stands 6'1" tall with a toned, athletic build and sun-kissed skin with a golden hue, the skin near his hands and feet fading to a dark gunmetal grey. His hair is short and mostly black, with a few metallic gold highlights here and there. His ears come to a point, accenting his face which has a sharply defined jawline, narrow chin and piercing gold and green eyes. Two small, smooth horns poke out from his hair, one on either side of his forehead, and his wings stay hidden via shapeshifting much of the time- appearing only when he needs them. His tail is long and thin, gold in color at the base and fading out to gunmetal grey at the tip, which is shaped like a slim diamond. His clothing style is rather well represented by his chosen image, harem style clothing that is exceptionally revealing and intrisically sexual is what he lives for. He has an enchanted tattoo made out of 'living' ink that can move along his skin, this is often used by him to do spellwork. He prefers gold-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Golden Calcite. 


Kalsi has a suave and charismatic personality, a true romantic with a silver tongue, easily able to talk his way into or out of situations and often a bit of a seducer. Very sexually confident and open, he doesn't do well in stuffy company and it is for this reason he seeks a human partner who will be accepting of him. He is passionate and sensitive, very caring towards others and protective towards those he loves, but some people might find him overly positive or optimistic. He would be a great partner for anyone who struggles with loving themselves, because he likes to build people up emotionally with positive reinforcement and praise when they make progress. He would also be a great partner for someone who was interested in art of any sort, as Kalsi quite admires the ways humans have developed to express their inner selves. He would be happy to spend time with his future keeper doing almost anything, but he does have a particular interest in music, dancing, and cooking. 


Kalsi is not just a pretty face, though he is more of a lover than a fighter. He draws strength and resilience from his Demonic blood, and wish-granting and fate manipulation from his Djinn blood. Though he has specialized more in the area of wish-granting, he still knows a wide range of spells from basics like shielding and healing to more specific spells to attract wealth, love, and opportunities. His energy is very warm and sunny, reassuring with a feeling similar to a firm embrace. He would love to listen to your concerns from day to day, and he is always willing to help out in any way he can. He will naturally try to avoid harm in any work he does, but if you specifically ask him to cause some harm to befall others he is not morally opposed to it if that person has wronged you in the past. He would never intentionally misinterpret or 'twist' a wish that you made to him, nor would he ever try to exact some unreasonable cost from you. Kalsi does not require offerings, but if you are able to he would love to be given gemstone offerings whenever he does a task successfully for you. Of course he knows this is not always possible, so in lieu of that you could simply burn a cinnamon or 'holiday spice' scented candle for him. 


Kalsi is open to exploring romance and intimacy with his future keeper regardless of their gender. He is a tender and passionate lover, especially talented with his tongue and his hands. He believes lovemaking to be one of the most effective ways to bond and foster an energetic connection, and he has a naturally open attitude towards sex, so he isn't hesitant about it. 

Prebound K - The Golden Djinn

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