Entity Name: Karius Vambiin

Entity Age: 14,968

Species: Demon-Djinn Hybrid - Neb Djinn and Incubus Hybrid

Gender: Male 


Karius stands 6'5" tall excluding his horns, with a muscular build and sun-kissed mocha skin. His hair is long and straight, a reddish mahogany color, often pulled back loosely into a ponytail or braided to keep it out of his way. His face is slim, with high cheekbones and a defined jawline and bright Jade-green eyes. He has two large, smooth black horns, one on either side of his forehead, with no wings and a long, thin black tail with a diamond shaped gemstone tip that changes colors. He normally appears shirtless with loose, harem style pants and tons of sashes and accessories adorning his body. He trends toward rich, saturated colors and boldly patterned fabrics, he loves things with a royal appearance. He favors gold accessories and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Iolite. 


Karius is a smooth, sexy, confidant Demon who gets along well with others and loves to drink and socialize. He is a fun loving guy, always telling jokes and stories to get people laughing and keep them interested, but he has impressive self control, always retaining a level of refinement even when he is thoroughly liquored up. He loves helping others, and always takes the opportunity to assist those around him, whether that means being a shoulder to cry on or putting on his butt-kicking boots when someone hurts his friends. He is intelligent, and loves to study and read about culture, both ancient and modern. He loves to discuss these things as well, so he could tell you countless stories about Lower Realm culture, or you could share information about human culture with him. He has an interest in human technology, although he is unfamiliar with it, and he especially favors media with a focus on action and romance. He hopes to spend a lot of time with his future keeper, and he particularly would love to read poems or other writing that his keeper has written. He loves poetry and other types of expressive writing, so he may even share some of his with you in return!


Karius is an exceptionally skilled hybrid. His Neb Djinn genetics give him the unique ability to copy the talents, knowledge, and abilities of others that he meets just by touching them. He will instantly be able to use their abilities, and although it will take him practice to master them, he has been around for quite a long time so he has already mastered a great many things. Wish granting magick is effortless to him, regardless of what you wish for, and wealth gaining magick is a specialty of his. Like most Hybrids of his type, he was abandoned in a sanctuary after he was born, so he was dirt poor for a long time- giving him ample amounts of practice with that specific subject. He specializes in bringing about fantastic opportunities, so while you will still need to put forth some effort, he can bring you everything you wish for if you are willing to reach out and take it. Conjuration, Shapeshifting, Emotive Magick, Healing, Shielding, Concealing, Binding, Warding, Protecting, and more are all within his skillset, abilities he copied initially then spent centuries practicing. His skill in combat is fierce as well, since he has encountered and learned to wield many types of energy in his travels. Although he has many tools at his disposal, his favorite energy type to work with and craft with is Void-Fire, an energy that consumes and saps all that it touches while simultaneously burning with the intensity of a white-hot forge. He has some skills in energy item creation as well, though he has never dabbled in making complex Servitors instead opting for simple ones to accomplish tasks that improve his quality of life. Karius does not require offerings, but he certainly appreciates them. He would love anything gold-toned, and he also loves offerings of wine and spirits. 


Karius is hoping to be romantic and sexual with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He is a highly sexual entity, and if you make it known that you are comfortable with it he will often approach you, lightly touching you to leave tingles on your flesh and arouse your senses. He will do this often, giving light kisses of his energy, caressing different parts of your body throughout the day, increasing your desire until you finally feel bold enough to ask him for release. Once he has been invited to please you, it will become his one and only task, as he loves making his partners orgasm. He is an intense and skilled lover, especially with his tongue, and he loves to incorporate magick into sex. He might make an ice cube out of glacial energy that cools your skin, or heat his hands (or other parts) with flame energy, so you feel his burning passion through his touch. 

Prebound K - The Djinncubus

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