Entity Name: Karae Rikan

Entity Age: 23

Species: Dragan - Enrora Species - Grey Arts 

Gender: Female 


Karae stands 5'7" tall with a petite, acrobat's figure and lively peach skin. Her hair is long and brilliantly red with stripes of bleached white and gold running through it as it flows around her. Her face is sharp and angular with large bright blue eyes and two orange-red, ridged Dragon horns, one on either side of her forehead. Her body is well balanced, with C cup breasts and a firm bottom. She has two large, orange-red and gold Dragon wings stretched behind her, and a long, thin, ropelike tail carrying the same red and gold theme, but ending in a spherical blue crystal. Her body is mostly humanoid, although her feet are more Dragon-like, and her legs are scaled up to the knee. She likes to wear form-fitting clothing in light colors like white, with bright gold and red accents to compliment her natural coloration. She favors gold accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Tsavorite. 


Karae is a bright, happy Dragan with a beautifully uplifting personality. She smiles, sings, and dances through life, always acting as if each day is the best day ever. Her voice is Angelic, with a delicate touch that brings tears to the eyes of anyone who hears her sing a full song. She is young and energetic, and she loves new experiences, so she is very excited to start seeing the human world up close. She has always wanted to travel and explore, and see new things that nobody else has seen. Dragan are a secluded race, so she has never had the opportunity to wander freely, at least not without getting an earful. She has an interest in a few things in particular, human media like movies fascinate her, and she loves stories with a romantic plot, she loves music of all sorts, and she loves collecting Gems. 


Karae is not the strongest entity, but she is fiercely loyal and ready to defend her keeper to the death if need be. She has an affinity for Fire, as many Dragan do, so she uses Fire principally in her magick. She also incorporates song and dance, her beautiful voice singing out incantations for spells or shields as her body moves in an inescapable rhythm, building energy around her. She is looking for a keeper who travels a lot, someone who also loves seeing and experiencing new things. She wants to go to someone who appreciates the beauty in the world around them like she does, someone to accompany her as she marvels in wonder at our physical plane. 


Karae is willing to be romantic and sexual with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is inexperienced sexually and romantically, so she will likely want to take things slow. Dragan are very intense lovers and extremely passionate during the heat of the moment. As with all Dragan, her body temperature feels hot to the touch, and her energy burns fiercely during arousal. You can learn more about Dragan and their special traits in their encyclopedia entry. 

Prebound K - The Dancing Dragan

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