Entity Name: Jacy Frost's-Tear

Entity Age: 20

Species: Shade Demon

Gender: Male (All shades are gender fluid)


Jacy stands 5'8" tall with pale amethyst-toned skin covered in white frost patterns. His hair is medium length, wavy, and white with a hint of silver reflection in the light. His eyes are rounded, with a gentle look to them, and his irises are a pale pink color. His body is lightly toned, but pretty thin, and he has fairy-like wings that extend out behind him. They are pink and purple in color, he also has a medium length tail with two feathery plumes at the end of it. 


Jacy is an incredibly sweet and kind Shade, he is gentle when he touches you and even gentler when he speaks to you. He always wants to find ways to help people cheer up, and he seems to have a real empathic connection with those he talks to. Even when you have just met him, it is easy to open up to him about all the things that bother you. He listens, and does not judge, but his presence always makes you feel better somehow. He has a calm, reassuring energy like a treasured friend, and he hopes that he can be looked at as a trusted companion to you. 


Jacy loves dressing up and fashion, he also loves stories, movies, and going to places with a lot of people in them. He loves to people watch, and likes to feel the ambient emotions of many people at once. His empathic abilities are intense, and he can influence others to feel certain ways or think certain things, if you ask him. He is also an excellent information gatherer, as he, like all Shades, is capable of making copies of himself that can go and relay information back to him, like scouts. 


Jacy is not a strong warrior, he is pacifist like most Shades, but he is a strong partner and he wants to have someone to care for and support. He is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper, regardless of gender. All Shades are gender fluid, and can change their gender at will. It takes a couple weeks, but do not be surprised if Jacy appears more feminine to you, as it is common for them to live as different genders at different times in their life. 

Prebound J - The Sensual Shade

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