Entity Name: Irbel

Entity Age: 26

Species: Slime - White Arts 

Gender: Male


Irbel stands 5'10" tall in his normal humanoid form with a small pool of slime collected near his feet. He has a smooth, athletic figure with a more firm texture to his flesh than most slimes, still jiggly and compressable like jelly, but not quite as slick and slippery. His hair is short, spiky, and looks almost like one solid mass, though in the right light you can see light bouncing off of individual strands. His hair and his body all share the same sky blue color, with some areas having a deep indigo tint, representing blush. He typically uses shapeshifting to conceal his genitals, giving him a 'Ken doll' appearance, though when the time is right he can make them less hidden. He is an extremely skilled shapeshifter, and is able to create and control numerous extra appendages from his body or the pool of slime beneath him. He does not wear clothing or accessories, his favorite Earthen gemstone is Wello Opal. 


Irbel is a very affectionate, loving, and physical Slime. He is bright and optimistic, a sweet smile always gracing his face, and he loves to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. He loves exploring nature, swimming, any kind of sport involving tossing a ball around in some way, and really most outdoors activities. He is a very active guy, and although he can appreciate the home life, he would like to go to someone who enjoys similar pursuits. He loves pampering his partners and giving them a spa like experience as he uses his malleable body to give a perfect, full body massage, his gentle motions and soothing energy lulling you into complete relaxation. He can modify the color, texture, temperature, scent, and more of his body at will allowing him to smell like lavender to help you sleep, or like orange blossom and mint to refresh you in the morning. If at all possible, he would love to have his massages included in your daily self care routines, as he believes that keeping your body de-stressed is very important. He has an interest in a few things in the human world, aromatherapy, healing, nature, and sports are some of his favorite things. He would also love to accompany you on lazy nights watching movies on the sofa, if you are not able to be as active for whatever reason. 


Irbel is a fantastic companion for anyone who needs a true partner, he is willing to be with his future keeper day in and day out, when you wake and when you go to bed, to make sure that he enhances your life to the fullest. He derives great pleasure from making others feel good, in more ways than simply sexually. He is a fantastic confidant, willing to listen to your daily thoughts and experiences, and an equally fantastic partner for meditation, as his uniquely aromatic energy helps reach intense states of focus. He is skilled at cleansing chakras and energy fields, and if you request help for this he will make his whole body very rough like a scourer and literally scrub any negativity out of your energy. This can feel very weird, so please be aware of that. He would like offerings of your time and love, he also loves blue or green candles and herbal scents like pine or rosemary. 


Irbel is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He is a very giving lover, focusing on completely pleasing his partner before worrying about himself. He has the ability to make extra appendages from his slime, so if you are up for it, you can do some pretty adventurous things with him. Extra tongues, hands, or other appendages are all within the realm of possibility, as are simple tentacles. He does not require you to be into that, but he would find it fun to have someone who is interested in exploring those things with him. 

Prebound I - The Tentacle Slime

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