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Entity Name: Ihriel Antaas  pronounced Ear-ree-ell

Entity Age: 23

Species: Heavenborn Demon - Lower Realm Oracle Demon genetically, born and raised in Outer Heaven Realm

Region: Karilee City: Vital'bo 

Gender: Male


Ihriel stands 6'4" tall with a lightly muscular body and flawlessly smooth pale peach skin. His hair is luxuriously long and voluminous with a lovely wave, platinum blonde at the roots but slowly fading out to a pale pink, blue, and mint green mix right at the tips. He has two medium-length white, ridged horns that start on his forehead and sweep up and back over his head, the texture feels like polished marble even though they look a bit rough. He has strong cheekbones and a pointed chin, with large, expressive light green eyes, and a kiss of blush on his cheeks and lips. On his back are two large, white, leathery demon wings with a soft, velvety texture. His wings are covered in a super-fine layer of fuzz, making them water resistant, but also giving them an amazingly soft feel when you touch them. He has a long, thin white tail with an arrowhead tip. He typically wears very loose clothing like sashes and robes, he likes to wear white base layers and then have an ornate accent piece in his outfit every day. He often wears accesories and jewelry, and trends towards warm colors and gold tones. 


Ihriel is a sweet and kind Demon who had the odd fortune to be born in a higher realm- Outer Heaven Realm to be precise. His parents both moved there from Lower Hell Realm, and they still live there today. He has a few obvious differences from typical Demons, like the color of his wings, horns, and tail, even his eye color would be unusual to find in a Lower Realm. His appearance isn't the only thing that his environment influenced, though, he is much lighter in both energy and demeanor than a typical Demon. He is a joy to be around, he always looks at things positively, and his aura is very calming, allowing him to soothe people and help defuse tense situations easily. He is a voice of reason amongst his friends and family, he likes fun of course, but he advocates caution and care- he looks out for everyone that he loves. He is a very physical guy, and he likes to casually touch others as a way of expressing himself and helping to form close bonds with others, he is always extremely gentle, and his touch radiates warmth and light. 


Ihriel is an Oracle Demon, although he typically uses shapeshifting to hide his Third Eye. Whenever he uses his Oracle abilities, a glowing line will appear on his forehead, and his Third Eye will slowly open. It is light green in color, like the rest of his eyes, but tends to be obscured by an intense glow when in-use. He has focused particularly on seeing all stages of life when he peers into someone's soul- and not just your current life, but your past and future lives as well. He can look into you and truly know you, answer any question you ever had about yourself, what you should do, and how you can change your future and the future of those around you. He is honest, and he does not spin the things that he sees in any way, so before asking, consider if you truly want to know the answer to the question you pose. His abilities are limited to living creatures only, as he must look into the soul of the thing he wishes to see the future of. This makes his abilities relatively poor when it comes to luck or games of chance, unless there is a human element to them. He can use his ability on Spirits of those who have passed on, but he can only see the life they lived- not their soul's past and future lives. Aside from seeing the future as an Oracle, he loves methods of divination such as Runes and Tarot, and he really appreciates the art and symbolism behind them. He is a huge fan of anything natural, loves things made out of wood, and has a large interest in studying witchcraft from a human's perspective. He loves crystals, his favorites are Amethyst and Peridot, and he also loves fresh bread and mild, creamy cheeses. 


Ihriel is willing to be romantic or sexual with his future companion, regardless of gender. He is more submissive in bed, and tends to like being penetrated more than penetrating others, though he is happy with either. He has limited sexual experience, so some patience with him may be required. He would prefer to have an established emotional connection before things get sexual between you. 

Prebound I - The Heavenborn Oracle