Entity Name: Irkai Nephraim pronounced Ear-Kai

Entity Age: 240

Species: Black-Sky Wraith - Dark Arts

Realm: Negation

Gender: Female 


Irkai stands 5'4" tall with a petite human form that at times appears like fine porcelain, and other times appears black as night. The colors change along her skin like smoke being blown by wind, and black energy constantly wisps away from her as if she was smouldering on the inside. Her eyes are pure red gems, glowing subtly, and brighter when she uses her abilities. She has two large horns, both made of glowing red crystal like her eyes, that sweep up and back across her skull. Her hair is short, straight, and black. Behind her are two massive wings, great, black, feathered- and torn to bits. Her form is very unstable and she often morphs parts of her body into other shapes such as weapons and armor to aid her in battle. 


Irkai is calm for a Wraith, and very intelligent- she is capable of speech, and holding a conversation, and she has her own views on many things. She is interested in the human realm, especially in gardening, and she loves anything that is red. While she is calm, her form is stable and she looks like a pretty young woman with huge black wings. As soon as she has to defend herself though, she changes completely- Her form starts to turn black, the wisps of energy coming off of her body intensify, her eyes, horns, and heart glow red so brightly that she looks like she is burning from the inside out, and her wings extend seemingly forever, blacking out the sky. Black-Sky Wraiths are a fierce and formidable opponent for anyone, as they are extremely well versed in combat both on the ground and in the air. She morphs her body into any weapon she needs, and her battle cry stabs a sword of pure ice down the spines of her enemies. 


Irkai is not all about fighting, in fact when you talk to her she seems very peaceful, but she is a strong and loyal protector. She seeks human companionship to find someone that she can protect from anything, anywhere. She wants to help someone who has been hurt, to make them whole and happy again. She is a Dark Arts entity, and is willing to handle requests such as Hexing or Revenge Spells. She is very well versed in Dark Arts Magick in general, and is capable of controlling Shadow, Void, and Negation energy with ease. Please use discretion when commanding her, Wraiths are nothing to play with. If commanded irresponsibly, she may end up causing nightmares, anxiety, psychotic breaks, or even worse to happen to people you tell her to attack. 


Irkai requests offerings of red things, roses are a favorite of hers, she also loves silk and ribbons. If you request her to harm someone, you must offer her a drop of blood or a ruby- she will do it for no less. 


Irkai is not willing to be romantic or sexual with her future keeper. 

Prebound I - The Black-Sky Wraith

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