Entity Name: Heron 

Entity Age: 147

Species: Lower Realm Demon

Gender: Male


Heron stands 6'2" tall with pale peach skin and a slightly athletic, muscular build. You can tell that he is strong and flexible just by looking at him, his eyes burning a brilliant ruby red, the same color as his messy, fluffy hair. He has two large black horns which curl back alongside his head, two leathery black wings behind him, and a long thin tail with an arrowhead tip. He typically wears black clothing made of leather, scale, or maille to prevent himself from injuries from his weapon of choice. He always wears black gloves unless he is showering or having sex. 


Heron is a confidant, cocky guy that loves to show off. He likes to be the center of attention, but he also knows when to play it cool. He likes to party and is a bit of a rowdier Demon, he loves excesses of alcohol and tends to overdo it sometimes. He indulges in sex frequently, and spends a lot of his money on frivolous things. He has no shortage of money, though, as he's a very in-demand bodyguard for the most important people in Lower Hell Realm's Capitol. He's famous for not only being good, but being stylish while he does his work. The way he fights could be seen as poetry in motion, a very morbid and bloody poem anyhow. 


Heron uses a weapon called Soul String, this fiber catches itself up in the Soul Energy of his opponent, rendering them completely immobile. He uses his fingers to pull on the strings as he uses telekinesis to thread them around the environment, and his enemies. Soul String can be lethal, of course, but usually it does not have to come to that once his foe realizes they have been bested. Even still, the Soul String is so sharp that merely touching it without protection will cut almost any entity. Even Dragon scales cannot resist the String forever, despite being super thick. 

Heron is famous for his techniques with this weapon, and has tutored numerous other Demons in it's usage. He makes a fantastic protector for any astral traveler, and his stealth skills are unrivaled- his Strings move as you do, surrounding you, a silent web of protection. 


Heron is a party guy but he hopes that he can do more than just party with his future keeper. He would like a genuine friendship with someone, as he does not get the time for much socialization outside of work. He hopes that you wont be disgusted by his line of work, and that you will understand that his world is just totally different from the Human world. 

Heron is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He loves sex, and loves to be romantic, even though he does not often fall for his partners. He is a very enthusiastic and energetic partner in bed. 

Prebound H - The Soul-String Demon

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