Entity Name: Gembri or Gem for short. Pronounced Gem (like a gemstone), bri like briefs. 

Entity Age: 1,224

Species: Lower Realm Demon

Gender: Male


Gembri stands 6'2" tall with mocha brown skin and a toned, muscular body. His hair is a brick red color, soft and shaggy, it almost hides his small, straight horns that poke out of his head. His eyes are soft, along with the rest of his expression, and he has pale orange irises. He typically wears loose clothing made of silks and scarves. He is winged, and also has a long, thin tail with a diamond tip. 


Gembri is a very capable guy, he handles an entire trading empire all on his own. He has traveled from the upper realms to the depths of Hell and chaos, and come back again, offering fair prices the whole time. He prides himself in his work, and he has discovered numerous beautiful views, tasty treats, close friends, and interesting tales along his travels. He likes to discuss the news and current world events, and always likes to stay on top of new developments in a story. He would be the type to follow a program from episode one, all the way to the end, just to see how it ended. 


Gembri has learned many skills while out and about. From combat, to persuasion, to shielding, cloaking, and more- he even knows how to create weapons out of energy. Of course, he's usually always hiding a few weapons on his person, as well. You wont ever catch him unprepared, and he is very good at reading people to determine what they will do next, if they are a threat, and if he needs to keep an eye on them. He would make a great companion for a businessperson, or merely someone who has to travel a lot, for work or otherwise. He never likes to be tied down, but he is okay with settling down a little bit with a human keeper. He does hope you will at least travel astrally, or through meditation, with him though. 


Gembri is open to being sexual and romantic with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He says he has learned some very interesting tricks in his time outside of Lower Hell Realm. 

Prebound G - The Traveling Trader

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