Entity Name: Filia Iravin

Entity Age: 114

Species: Night-Eye Vampire (Psy/Sang Hybrid)

Gender: Female


Filia stands 5'2" tall with a petite, athletic figure and pale ashen skin. Her hair is straight, dark brown, and medium length, falling around her shoulderblades. Her face is sweet and childlike, but her eyes are large, sharp, an intense glowing shade of blue. Her expression often seems cold and calculated, and when she smiles her fangs are easily visible. She has B cup breasts, and a slight curvature at her waist, though her body seems more optimized for flexibility than sexuality. She often wears lacy and flowy garments, which offer lots of places to hide blades and other various weapons. When fighting, it is common for her to shed her more elaborate clothes, showing a form-fitting, strappy bodysuit underneath, lined with many different weapons. She trends towards lighter colored clothes and often wears white, although her bodysuit is a grey color, similar to her skin. She does not wear jewelry unless she has to. 


Filia is a strong and silent woman, despite being locked in a childlike body she has a very commanding presence and tends to get stares as she enters the room. People don't stare at her because she's beautiful, though-  but because of who she is, and what she does. She is a Night-Eye Vampire, and she has trained her whole life in stealth, combat, and secret-keeping. Her family disagreed with her choice of occupation, so rather than face constant shame from them she left her home realm for pastures new. She eventually settled in the outskirts of Hell Realm, though she travels a lot for her work. She is an assassin- everyone knows it, but nobody can ever prove anything. She leaves no trace of her work, no speck of dust disturbed, no drop of poison, no fingerprints... She is as soundless as the wind and as uncatchable as it, too. She does not kill without reason- all of her targets certainly deserved it. Slave traders, abusers, crime bosses, she cuts the heads off of the disgusting hydra of evil, but every time she does more spring up in their place. She is an enterprising young lady, so of course she figured out how to make money from this, which wasn't hard. Despite the fact that she only kills those who, arguably, deserve it, people are commonly scared of being around her, and especially of being close to her. She is seen as an omen of death, and whenever she appears in an area, people are on edge. 


Filia may be a killer, but she is not cold-hearted. For those that do get to know her, she is incredibly sweet, kind, and sensitive. She would love to have someone to simply relax and enjoy music with, and she would love to listen to your thoughts and concerns. She loves music in all forms and loves to dance, she also loves red wine, red meat, and roses. She is interested in human media in all forms, and she really likes the concept of people-watching, as she loves to observe others going about their daily lives while she ponders what their motivations might be. She is not too outspoken, and tends to be a quieter companion, but her trust and love are both extremely warm energies that anyone would be able to feel. 


Filia is a NightEye Vampire, so if you offer her the chance to, she may feed on you astrally. This wont hurt, and for most people is a pleasurable experience, although it can leave you feeling tired afterwards. Allowing her to feed on you and absorb your energy is a quick and easy way to bond with her, as it will allow her to adjust to your energy quickly. As you spend more time with her, you may notice effects like enhanced sight in the dark, heightened hearing, and a general sense of increased awareness of your surroundings. She is capable of defense, and doing any task which involves righting a wrong, or stopping someone from harming others. 


Filia is willing to be sexual and romantic with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is shy about love, as she has not been that close to anyone before, but she hopes that if you are interested in her that you will give her time to learn how to treat you. She is not able to be gentle and sensual with others often, so she has low experience in that area. 

Prebound F - The Nighteye Assassin

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