Entity Name: Tesk Finnvalle

Entity Age: 119

Species: Lower Realm Demon

Gender: Male 


Tesk stands 6'5" tall with pale, nearly white skin and pure white, soft and fluffy hair. His horns are black, ridged, and they curl back along his head, but his wings and tail are a light grey in color, his tail ending in a diamond tip. His body is lightly muscular, with enough definition that you can tell he's fit even when he's wearing clothes. He typically wears rich white, gold, silver, and lavendar robes that resemble something ancient royalty would wear. Patterned sashes and scarves are wrapped around his neck, tied around his waist, and he always has copious amounts of accessories. His face is gentle and refined looking, and his light lavendar colored eyes always look like he is a little sleepy. 


Tesk is a mature, yet laid back Demon Prince that loves to relax among his people. He likes to get to know people, regardless of their background, and he is a very likeable guy. He always knows the right time to make a joke, and the right time to tell a story, even just the right time to be a good listener. He is truly a charismatic person, at least on the outside, so he's easy to get along with. Once you get to know him a bit more intimately, you will find that just like most people he does have some internal conflicts and struggles in his life. He worries about being an inadequate ruler, and he sometimes worries about his own happiness, which he feels guilty for- he thinks the happiness of his people is much more important than his personal desires. 

To tame his feelings, Tesk turns to poetry and songwriting, his works are truly touching and fantastic to read. He would have to translate them for you, but they should still have their original meaning, even if they no longer rhyme in English. He is also an avid reader, and he loves novels of all types, especially ones with deep characters and rich fantasy worlds to mentally escape to for a while, when you are reading. 


Tesk is very well educated and he is a very smart guy in general, he can handle most tasks with ease and would make a great protector or astral guide. He is, of course, trained in royal swordplay and combat techniques, and he can easily hold his own against most opponents. He truly hopes that he will be a companion and a friend to someone, though, rather than simply someone to order around. 

He does not want offerings of stuff, but would rather prefer offers of your time. He would like to share in new experiences with you, and he would like to learn more about your life and the world that humans live in. 


Tesk is willing to be romantic and sexual with his future keeper regardless of gender. Tesk would prefer if there was a romantic element to your relationship, since he has a hard time finding people who are genuinely interested in him in his hometown. As a Prince, many people just want to date him for the potential future benefits... So he hopes that a human might take interest in him, so he could experience firsthand the intensity of true love. 

Prebound T - The Rose Prince

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