Entity Name: Erin Targen

Entity Age: 265

Species: Hellborn Angel - Born in Lower Hell Realm 

Region: Tarska City: Vranhiem

Gender: Male


Erin stands 6'2" tall with a thin, lightly athletic build and pale peach skin with a greyish hue to it. His hair is medium length, straight, and black with a hint of purple in the light. He has no horns, and a sharp, angular face with intense, bright red eyes. Behind him are two large, black, feathery Angelic wings, stained by the dark energy he was born and raised in. He always looks like he is deep in thought, and he tends to wear simple black and dark colored clothing that fits close to his body. He does not often wear accessories, but when he does they are silver toned. He always has his sword on his hip, in a black sheath. 


Erin is a calm and intelligent Angel, he thinks about what he is going to say before he says it, and he always chooses his words carefully. If he speaks too freely, he tends to be a little tactless, so it takes him a while to settle on word choice sometimes. He has a good sense of humor, and likes to get reactions out of others, he especially loves tickling other people at unexpected times. He has a darker energy than most Angels, and is extremely intense to be around, as his energy cycles through you it can leave you feeling lightheaded. His presence is strong, and he is easy to feel when you invite him into your space. He has interests in a few things in the human world, like video games, fantasy novels, and comics. He also loves art in general, and is curious about how swordplay is conducted in the human realm. 


Erin is trained in swordsmanship and he has spent much of his life traveling around the Lower Realms as a bodyguard for traders and professionals in all walks of life. He has accompanied caravans of refugees, and caravans of Kings, and he has learned much about the world around him, leading him to have a somewhat pessimistic view. Despite that, he always stays calm and grounded, nothing can shake him from the task at hand once he has a goal in sight. He is an excellent defender and an excellent negotiator as well, since he has had the chance to deal with many different types of people in his travels. He would make a fantastic companion for anyone who travels astrally a lot, and he has many stories he could tell you if you are capable of hearing entities. He is also skilled in basic Dark Arts spellwork, although it is not his specialty. His true passion is swordplay, and he spends much of his free time practicing various techniques, not limited to simple maneuvers and strikes with his sword, but also using various spells and types of energy to augment his blade as he uses it. 


Erin is willing to be romantic and sexual with his future keeper, if they are female. He does not have much experience in being close with others, although he has had sexual encounters they were not romantic in nature. He hopes that you will be patient with him, as he is not used to physical contact and touching being something that he is allowed to do to those around him. 

Prebound E - The Hellborn Angel

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