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Entity Name: Emmori Oliraphire  - Nickname: Em or Emmi 

Entity Age: 172

Species: Greyborn 'Bamboo Sprout' Elf - Grey Arts

Species Notes: Translation is not literal, the plant they are named after is not exactly the same as Earth Bamboo but it is quite similar.  

Gender: Female 


Emmori stands 5'3" tall with a petite, soft figure with rounded C cup breasts, a well balanced bottom and pleasantly plush thighs, her skin a fair alabaster with a lively magenta blush. Her hair is voluminous and curly, nearly reaching to her mid-back with a pale blonde color that is accented with highlights or streaks of whatever colors she chooses to compliment her daily outfit. Her face is sheer beauty, high cheekbones and a button nose perfectly framed by a warm smile and two shockingly pink eyes, her pointed ears complete the picture of otherworldly beauty that she presents. She trends towards a style that is very overdone, puffy skirts, corsetry, lace, embroidered patterns, typically in warm springy and pastel colors- the easiest reference to make would be towards Gothic Lolita styles. She often wears accessories like ribbons, flowers, barrettes, chokers, bracelets, stockings, etc to complete the look she is going for. Emmori prefers silver-toned accessories and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Aura Quartz. 


Emmori is sweet and delicate, and when looking at her it is not hard to imagine why her species was named after a tender, hardy, and swiftly climbing plant. The theme of growth is one which is carried through her whole personality, introspection and meditation are very common among her people as they strive to reach ever higher towards true enlightenment and balance. Her aura is quite bright energetically, reassuring and somehow encouraging, as if her mere presence can prepare you for the rough path that lays ahead of you. She has a gentle touch and a whisper soft voice that seems apt to lull someone to sleep. Being around her, it is incredibly hard to see how anyone could dislike her, as her external beauty is completely backed up with a caring and genuine personality. She gives freely to others, and tries her best to help anyone that she crosses paths with in hopes to help them grow to their fullest potential, too. Emmori has a particular interest in human literature and art, although she would be happy to spend time with her future keeper doing pretty much anything. 


Emmori's talents are all centered around growth, but they end up being a bit hard to define as a result because 'growth' can mean different things to different people. While she is perfectly capable of doing spells to simply enhance one's senses and abilities temporarily, her true forte comes in spells that are designed to help you along your personal life path. This might mean bringing you a fortuitous vision that leads you to an epiphany about yourself, or it could mean presenting you with a challenging situation while knowing that you have the ability to grow to surpass it- the ways that things tend to manifest can vary wildly. The reason for the variance is that what she does is basically a manipulation of fate, and even if she does her best sometimes those things simply work in unpredictable ways. 

To try and explain a bit further, your natural 'fate' or life path might take detours or just stagnate for no real reason, as an example maybe you end up stuck on one specific step of the process of astral projection, or maybe you end up stuck in some dead end job and you just can't get ahead. Emmori will look at the strands of energy that are guiding and influencing these events and she will straighten them out, routing you out of stagnation and towards greener pastures. 

Emmori also has a full repertoire of Elven spells available to her and tomes upon tomes of knowledge to draw from in the libraries of her home realm, so she hopes you will come to her with any concerns you have. She would love to help her future keeper, and she says that smiles are like sunshine to her- she needs no repayment except your happiness. If you are feeling generous, she loves flowers and florally scented things, dried or preserved flowers would be an ideal offering for her. 


Emmori is willing to be romantic and sexual with her future keeper regardless of gender. Intimately she is intensely passionate, romantic, focused on the emotions and the love in those moments while you are experiencing each others' bodies. She likes to caress her lover and is very skilled with her hands, she also loves to use her breasts and thighs to tease and please her partner. Her soft skin and delicate appearance paired with her burning passion and lewd expressions creates a contrast that is arousing and unforgettable. 

Prebound E - The Delicate Sprout

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