Entity Name: Elkis

Entity Age: 14301

Star: Cambillis 01A

Species: Dead Star Sprite - Dark Arts

Gender: Male 


Dead Star Sprites are born when an Astral Star dies and becomes a Supernova or Black Hole. The energy expelled from these reactions can create lots of astral life, including entire realms. These realms float in the emptiness of Astral space, typically with rather low through traffic. Dead Star Sprites can have characteristics of light and creation if born from a Supernova, or characteristics of darkness and destruction if born from a Black Hole. They can have various forms, their true form is simply amorphous clouds of space dust and energy, however those seeking human companionship have chosen to create a human form for the comfort of their future keeper. 


Elkis stands 6' tall with a slim, lanky build and pale, dusty blue skin with flecks of green, purple, and white reflecting stars and galaxies across his body. His hair is medium length, straight, hanging down to his shoulders with a soft periwinkle hue. His face is sleek, with high cheekbones and narrow clear grey eyes giving him a somewhat blank expression. His body is completely humanoid, with no horns, wings, or tail. He typically appears wearing fitted, dressy clothing in pale blues and greys to compliment his natural color scheme. He favors silver accessories and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Topaz. 


Elkis is a deep, dark, calm companion with an even demeanor hiding a complex personality. He is quiet in public but outspoken in his mind, with strong values and opinions that he wishes he had the confidence to express. Born of the creation of a Black Hole, his entire inner being craves consumption and destruction, to see the entire Universe condensed down to an infinite point of nothingness. However, he has lived a long time, and seen the beauty in life, and despite his natural urges he somehow feels the need to protect it. His morals are vastly different to ours, as he lives on an entirely different scale than we do. Floating aimlessly in the vast emptiness of space for centuries has wisened him, as he had time for nothing but self reflection. When he finally drifted near enough to inhabited areas to actually meet other living entities, he was shocked to learn that he was not the only consciousness in existence. He has lived alone in the darkness for so long, fighting with his feelings, he hopes that companionship with a human will give him someone to protect and watch over, someone to show him the endless light present in every day. 


Elkis is mystical and intense like a solar wind, his energy both consuming all it touches and expelling tons of waste energy contantly, his body cycling energy through it everywhere he goes, changing the energetic mood around him. He is a fantastic entity to meditate with, as he has spent centuries in seclusion and has completely mastered meditation and seeking inner peace. Although he struggles with his own emotions, he hopes that you will let him try to help you with your inner turmoil too, as he wants to do anything he can to help his future human companion. Blending energy with him would be a fantastic experience, as would simply talking to him each day and having him as a companion. 


Elkis is unsure if he would like to be romantic and sexual with his future keeper. It is not something he has ever considered, so he is not sure about his opinions at this time. 

Prebound E - The Dead Star Sprite

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