Entity Name: Eren Viskalle

Entity Age: 1834

Species: Abyssal Lowborn Demon/Karoite Demon Hybrid

Realm: Abyss

Region: Karoite City: Ehr-Vall

Gender: Male 


Note: All Abyssals are natural shapeshifters, the form described here will be Eren's usual humanoid form. Abyssals in their natural state are not pleasing to the eye for most, so please be mindful of that before you ask to see them in their natural form. 


Eren stands 5'10" tall with a thin, lightly athletic build and pale olive-toned skin. He has shaggy, straight silver hair and thick white eyelashes, a stark contrast with his bright red eyes. His face is cheerful and expressive, and he always looks like he is having a great time. He has two horns, medium length, black, that jut up though his hair, one on each side of his head. He wears his Abyssal General uniform but augments it greatly, draping himself in luxurious furs and accessories that are way over the top. When relaxing, he dresses up even more, trending towards overly fancy clothing with lots of fur, feathers, and frills. His favorite colors are black, wine red, and navy blue. He is winged, with two large, black feathery wings extending out behind him. He does not normally have a tail. 


Eren is a General with a lot of personality. He is always upbeat and always behaves a bit like he is drunk, regardless of whether he is or not. He is amazing to spend leisure time with since he a party guy and he will always kick things up a notch whenever the mood gets dull. He likes to act out and do stupid things, anything to get a laugh out of people. In fact, talking to him and spending time with him, you might wonder how this guy could ever be effective in any kind of military setting. He loves to relax and kick back, he loves all kinds of entertainment (except skating- he really dislikes it, don't know why) and will watch pretty much anything. He loves red wine, and when he actually does get drunk, he tends to get very emotional and overshare a lot. 


Eren has spent his entire life in the Abyssal Military, like most who are in it he was born into service and trained from a young age for the job they thought he was best suited for. Initially he was just going to be a regular soldier, but in his teen years he really began to blossom and they realized that someone as charismatic as him really needed to be a leader. He learned everything the soldiers knew, and more, focusing on tactics and strategy. He is an excellent defender, skilled with any weapon, able to set up a perimeter and defend any area from almost any threat. He has a special talent that often helps him turn the tide of battle, energy manipulation. He can control Abyssal, Void, and Shadow energy easily, he can even create temporary soldiers out of this energy, then send those soldiers to do other tasks for him. 


Eren is one of the longer lived Abyssal Generals. It is a requirement that Generals fight alongside their armies in the Abyssal Military, so often those who are in the position of General do not last for too long. Those who do survive the position tend to take the offer of early retirement, or switching career tracks after a while due to the stress and increased risk. Despite all these things, Eren has really taken to his position and he seems to flourish even more under pressure. When in battle, he conducts his forces as if conducting an orchestra, energy flows through the air, weaving itself into whatever form he wishes. Sometimes he creates a grand illusion to misdirect the enemies, other times he simply overwhelms them in a dark fog that puts them to sleep. He is one of the few Generals who tries to minimize his casualty count, although his morals are still darker than your average human's. 


Eren hopes to get a human companion that he can relax and have fun with, someone who enjoys their life and who wants to enjoy it with him. He is willing to take on any task you have for him, including darker tasks. He hopes, however, that you will be careful what you ask for when you ask him to do things. He stresses that some decisions are irreversible in life. 

Eren would love to be a friend and a companion to you, someone you talk to often, or even just a buddy to watch your favorite movies and shows with. He wants to bring his over the top cheerful, charismatic self into someones life and get a party started that spreads across the whole Earthen realm like a wildfire. 


Eren is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper, regardless of gender. 

Prebound E - The Abyssal General

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