Entity Name: Corexia

Entity Age: 328

Species: Tech Slime

Gender: Female (Amorphous Body)


Corexia stands 5'10" tall in her humanoid form, a crystal clear cyan gel comprising her body which looks mostly like a human female with some mechanical augmentations on her legs and as armor around her body. Her skin is slick and smooth all over, highly reflective and springy to the touch like gelatin, even her hair appears to be made of wiggly, jiggly strands of slime. She can control the moisture level and slipperiness/sliminess of her skin, and can even make herself almost completely dry to the touch if needed. Throughout her body there are various floating crystals around where her chakras would be located. These are Tech augmentations, and they float freely in her body, rearranging themselves to suit whatever form she takes. She is a very capable shapeshifter, and she can change anything from her breast size to her entire body shape, becoming Draconic or growing Demonic horns and wings, or simply changing the color of her slime. By default her form is hourglass shaped, slightly curvy, with wide hips and ample, D cup breasts. At times, she may sink down to the floor into a slime puddle partially or fully, so do not be surprised if you see her that way. 


Corexia is extremely intelligent, especially compared to many Slimes who, while not dumb, usually choose to focus more on simply enjoying life than studying and experimenting. She was born without augmentations of any sort, a normal Slime, but as she grew she thirsted for something more, something to push her abilities further and give her an edge. She found out about Crystalline Array augmentations, and began researching them constantly, day in and day out, falling asleep in libraries and reading until her eyes were sore. After years of study and prototypes, she finally developed the model that would eventually become her current, nearly perfected, augmentation array. Corexia likes strategy, learning about anything (especially tech), and has an interest in video games and movies. 


Corexia packs a bit more punch than your average Slime as a result of her augmentations. Although Slimes normally have excellent control over their form, her augmentations allow her to apply detailed glamours, copying skin texture, warmth, and even scent when she is taking someone elses appearance. Her array also allows her to supercharge her slime with energy, eject it from her body as projectiles and recall it, or even shape it into weapons that she can use for hours and then just absorb back into herself. Her body can be shifted to almost any shape, and she can make herself extremely dense and rubbery, so she is excellent at shielding and she can even used her augmentations to provide active camouflage for herself and you in the astral. She is not very skilled in magick, but she has a thirst for knowledge, and genius mind, and unlimited time to study and learn, so she will be a great companion to the right keeper. 


Corexia is willing to be sexual and romantic with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is a passionate and intimate lover, and she likes to be as close to her partner as possible, often seeming to melt into them after her pleasure reaches its peak. She does not have the extreme sexual appetite of most Slimes, but she still loves and desires sex a reasonable amount. 

Prebound C - The Tech Slime

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