Entity Name: Corse 

Entity Age: 19

Species: Alraune-Demon Hybrid - Dark Arts

Gender: Female 


Corse stands only 4'8" tall in her natural form, which conceals most of her legs in a large, rose-like flower base. This base is huge and prominent, with a hypnotic sweet scent emanating from it and from her body constantly. In her natural form she moves using root-like tentacles on the bottom of the flower to crawl along, although she is capable of using shapeshifting to absorb her flower base into her body and have a full humanoid form. When completely out of her flower, she is 5'4" tall with a petite hourglass figure, C cup breasts and a generous rear sitting atop strong, thick legs. Her skintone is a pale alabaster, with blushes of rose color on her cheeks, lips, breasts, and elsewhere on her body. Her hair is long, voluminous, wavy, and pale pink. Her face is smooth and youthful, with large almond shaped eyes with rose colored irises. She does not wear clothes, instead she will shapeshift her body to grow flower petals in the shape of clothing to cover all her naughty places. She favors silver accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Rose Quartz. 


Corse is quiet, elegant, beautiful, and dangerous. Her personality is sweet and innocent to draw people in, her honeyed words seducing those drawn to her by her even sweeter scent. Once she has gained the trust of her new partner, she will quickly escalate the relationship, growing lewder and more forward as the hunger growls in her tummy. Corse may be a hybrid, but similar to full-blooded Alraune she still feeds off of sex, particularly the 'nectar' given off by sexual partners. Lacking the ability to gain adequate nourishment from sunlight or nutrients in the ground, Corse pursues the most concentrated and potent form of energy to feed on- sexual energy, particularly the kind produced during orgasm. When she is satiated, she can be quite calm, pleasant, snuggly, affectionate, and she is more than willing to spend time with you watching movies, reading books, or simply listening to your feelings. When she hungers, however, she will crave for sexual contact and be unable to rest until she once again sates her need. 


Corse has some extremely interesting abilities in both combat and spellwork. In her natural form, her tentacle-like roots can grow immensely sharp thorns and shoot down into the ground, emerging underneath her foes to ensnare them in an inescapable bramble. She can also size-shift her flower bud, making it big enough to enclose her entire body as well as one or two other people. Her flower petals look delicate, but when she is in combat she can stiffen them, forming a rigid and impenetrable protective shell. Most of her magicks are based around the use and energy of various plant life, for example she can grow a spell seed within her body that, when planted and cared for, will slowly bring that spell to fruition. This can be used for wishes, or almost any spell you can think of, but beware- seeds born of hateful wishes will bear hateful fruit, in more ways than you may expect. Corse will require a sexual contribution in exchange for these spell seeds, as she needs a partner's energy to make it as effective as possible. 


Corse is willing to be sexual and romantic with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is an extremely intense lover, as she hungrily licks and suckles at your body, her entire being focused only on bringing you to orgasm and tasting your pleasure. When in her natural form, Corse will often envelop lovers in the petals of her flower base, closing you into complete darkness with her. In this way, she ensures that you focus only on the feelings, sounds, and scents of being with her. When she is aroused or feeling intense pleasure, Corse tends to lubricate rather profusely, and this fluid tastes sugary sweet like nectar. 

Prebound C - The Rose Demoness

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