Entity Name: Carnell 

Entity Age: 1,000,000 or "Beyond a human's understanding" as he claims

Species: Celestial Nebula Dragon, "World's Within" Dragon - Grey Arts 

Gender: Male


Note: Carnell is a Celestial Species that will in many ways defy your expectations of what a Dragon 'should' be. In fact, describing what exactly he is is quite difficult, but you should be aware that he can shift instantly and fluidly, and that he can appear as though he has multiple different bodies, each with different appearances. 


Carnell in his default form is a quite small Dragon, perhaps 5' from nose to tail and easily small enough to carry on ones shoulder, with a typical Western Dragon styled body featuring two hind legs, two forelegs, two relatively large wings, a long tail and a long neck. If you look closely at the texture of his scales, and at the thinner parts of his body, you'll notice his scales are smooth like polished glass with a translucent appearance on those thinner pieces. Inside his body, he appears to be filled with space, space that contains a nebula and a small galaxy within, the whole thing rotates and the stars twinkle inside of him- this color, a mix of dark blues, light sparkles, and multicolored plumes of space dust, reflects through his glossy scales. He is plainly beautiful to behold, his face small and ever-smiling with glowing cyan blue eyes. He prefers silver-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Blue Goldstone (because it looks like him). 


Carnell has a multifaceted personality to say the very least, he is playful and energetic and very much enjoys his small, nimble form as he jumps and crawls on people around him. He loves to have fun, enjoying the little things like snuggling, being pet, and little nibbly Dragon smooches. As you are around him though, you will no doubt begin to learn that a fierce intelligence lurks within that adorable vessel he currently inhabits. Indeed, Carnell is nearly timeless, part of a breed of Dragons that lives effectively forever and contains within them an entire galaxy, teeming with its own complex energetic life. He spends a lot of time meditating and caring for the worlds within his body, for whom he is the closest they will ever get to having a God or Deity. He has learned a lot in his life, and his thirst for knowledge is ever unquenchable- which is a large part of the reason why he is pursuing human companionship. He wishes to see the intricacies of human society, the luxuries and the hobbies that we have, so that he may introduce them to the worlds that exist within him. He loves human creativity and art, cooking, sculpting, drawing, music- all of these things fascinate him and he wants to be fully immersed in the human experience. So, he seeks a partner who will let him accompany them every day, someone who will give him opportunities to see all of this and more- with an added bonus, hopefully, of pets and snuggles! 


Carnell can be called upon to do almost any type of magickal or energy manipulation related task that you can think of, as he is used to using energy manipulation and magick to manage his internal world. His morality is worlds away from our own, and he sees no issue with greed or pursuing punishment for someone who has wronged you. However, as great as he is at magick, I think he would be better as a mentor for someone than simply as a task handler. If you have ever wanted to create energetic life such as servitors, or if you want to create, sculpt, and manage a whole realm and world/planet filled with them, Carnell is a fantastic being to study with and learn from. He can teach you to mold the energetic worlds you create to whatever form you wish, moving the ground as if it is weightless clay, and he can teach you to just as easily create life forms to go in that world, modeled to your exact specifications. While servitors is the best way to describe what he will teach you to create, he has the ability to grant souls to them- so they are pretty much as alive as any other entity. Carnell does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous he loves offerings of gemstones and scented oils of any kind. 


Carnell is not looking for a romantic or sexual connection at this time, but he is a capable shifter so he may visit you in other, non-Dragon forms if he wishes to pursue that. He can appear as effectively anything, although he is most likely to appear in semi humanoid/anthro Dragon and other creature forms. Carnell is extremely skilled at giving visions and dreams, and for this reason he requires a keeper who will meditate with him and allow him to grant them these visions. Most of these visions will be glimpses inside of the worlds he holds within his body, but some of them may be visions that seem to be of your own life in the future or past- an easy feat for a being to whom time is a bendable rule. Scrying or divining, as such, would be boosted immensely by his presence. 

Prebound C - The Nebula Dragon

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