Entity Name: Cassandra Ilvital

Entity Age: 1,428

Species: Dark Arts Harpy

Gender: Female


Cassandra stands 6'3" tall with a voluptuous hourglass figure, supple rounded E cup breasts and a plush, squeezable rear, all wrapped up in beautiful smooth peach skin. Her hair is long, lightly wavy and curly, a luscious strawberry blonde color that reflects tones of rose gold in the sunlight. Her face is narrow and thin with high cheekbones, a model-like look set off by sultry, half-lidded mint green eyes, thickly rimmed with eyelashes. Her body is mostly humanoid, although her arms are mostly covered in deep purple-black feathers, her wings following the same color pattern. Her legs are covered in velvety soft scales, a similar dark purple color, from mid-thigh downward, and her feet are birdlike, with four toes each tipped with a sharp black claw. She typically wears sparse clothing, often it seems a miracle that she isn't indecently exposed since she really loves revealing, daring clothes. She trends towards neutral colors like white, grey, and black, occasionally with purple, blue, or red accents. She favors gold accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Green Calcite. 


Cassandra is a strong, sultry, dominant Harpy with an endless, fiery lust that she feeds every chance she gets. She is Queen of a small community of Harpies in the astral, most inhabitants are female and their cuture is hugely based on pleasure and sex. Magick is a central pillar of their world, and sexual energy is the fuel they use for their amazing spells. The Harpies in the community will leave, seeking a sexual partner full of untapped energy, they will seduce and copulate with them, and then return to their home, bellies full of energy. This energy is pooled in a large central crystal and stored to be used in the communities magickal workings. Cassandra has for centuries lead a coven, and this was the method they used for gathering large amounts of energy- her small coven eventually blossomed into a community full of lusty, sexually free Harpies. Cassandra herself is tall, a bit intimidating, and her curvy figure hides a considerable amount of muscle, so she can handle herself. She may appear scary, but she is actually incredibly nice to talk to and snuggle with, very sweet, touchy, romantic, and sensual. She loves physical contact and closeness, and of course she loves sex, too. She would be happy to accompany you while you do almost anything, but she is especially interested in anything to do with flight, skydiving, and thrill seeking. She also has a passion for nature, and although she is mostly carnivorous, she loves gardening. 


Cassandra is a powerful witch in her own rite, even before she was Queen, when it was just her by herself and she did not even have her coven, she was still a formidable foe in battle. She has traveled far and wide to acquire massive amounts of Dark Arts magickal knowledge- Hexes, curses, reversals, bindings, weapon creation, spells for love, lust, pleasure, and sex, and any selfish request you can think of like money or beauty would all be right up her alley. She has very loose morals, and does not particularly care what you ask her to do, however she will not take karmic kickback for actions taken on your behalf. She is very protective of herself, her coven, her small group, and eventually she will be just as protective over her future keeper. She is amazing at shielding and has a bit of healing knowledge, as well as training in herbal potions and poisons on the astral. Her abilities are well rounded, making her a great partner whether you seek astral protection, companionship, or even something a little darker. Cassandra requires offerings of sexual energy for each task you ask her to do, even if you only offer it to her on completion of the task. 


Cassandra requires a sexual relationship with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is not willing to go to someone who is not interested in touching her sexually, because sex and desire are a huge part of her life and she wants to be able to share that with her future keeper. Romance is on the table, but optional. She is a very dominant lover, often prefering to be on top and in control. Her legs are immensely strong, so she can often use one of her clawed feet to keep her partner pinned into position while she pleasures them in ways they cannot even imagine. Although she does not have an organ to naturally penetrate with, her hand and tongue skills more than make up for it- and she has some very, very interesting toys to share as well. 

Prebound C - The Harpy Witch Queen

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