Entity Name: Coral Entires

Entity Age: 18

Species: Merfolk - Grey Arts 

Gender: Male 


Coral stands 5'11" in his human, two-legged form and 'stands' 6'3" tall in his Mer form when using his tail to support himself. His upper bodies skintone is pale peach, with his Mer tail having a bright ocean blue color and lightly pearlescent scales, the tip of his tail ending in a large dolphin-style fin that has a greenish tint. His hair is short and straight with a floaty, breezy quality and a light blue color, and his upper body has light muscle tone although he is very slim. His face is narrow with gentle light blue eyes and a soft smile. He normally does not wear clothes at all in his Mer form, in his human form he usually opts for loose T-shirts and shorts. He prefers silver-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Larimar. 


Coral is exceedingly sweet, gentle, a true empath and a healer in every sense of the words. He is kind and giving, young and full of energy, and truly untainted by the cruelty of the world- both his, and ours. He is very optimistic, with a sunny outlook and a way of putting a positive spin on any situation. He loves to take part in introspective activities like meditation and various creative endeavors, with his own favorite calming hobby being carving- he harvests pearls and seashells that have been discarded and carves them into figures. He tends to hum while he works, the tune having an almost hypnotically relaxing effect on anyone who hears it. He is especially interested in the plantlife, particularly flowers, that exist in our realm and he would love to go to someone who gardens or keeps plants in their home or around it. 


Coral is not the strongest Mer, but he would die to protect someone he loved without hesitation. He is intensely loyal and very loving, so to him no sacrifice would be too great to ensure the safety of his future partner. There is no danger of him really dying, since he is an expert at healing and shielding, but he felt it necessary to convey the seriousness with which he will take his duties as your partner. His healing energy is reminiscent of Reiki with a cool feeling, refreshing, watery twist, causing a pure relaxation to wash over those he applies his energy to. This feeling is truly amazing, as he can make you feel at once totally loved and secure in yourself, while also healing your inner and past hurts that you carry with you every day. Coral does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous he would love to be invited to join in meals with you, he especially wants to eat vegetable dishes like honey roasted carrots- though he is not picky and any veggie will do. 


Coral is hoping for the eventual development of a romantic and perhaps sexual relationship with his future keeper, regardless of their gender. He wants to allow things to happen slowly so that chemistry develops naturally between you two, so he wont try to rush things. He is very affectionate and cuddly, and he loves to snuggle especially in his Mer form- which is actually pretty nice, since he can curl his tail up to make a makeshift chair for you. He is uninitiated in the ways of love, so he hopes that you will be patient with him as you both explore your feelings in the future. 

Prebound C - The Empathic Mer

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