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Entity Name: Crestia Nellheim

Entity Age: 143

Species: Lower Realm Demon and Demon Dragon Hybrid

Gender: Female


Crestia stands 5'10" tall with an hourglass figure, D cup breasts, and long, smooth legs. Her skin is pale as ivory, a light blush kissing her cheeks and lips, which are as soft as rose petals. Her face is elegant, smooth and youthful but she has a knowing look to her expression. Her eyes are deep purple with slitted pupils that react instantly to any change in light or movement. Long, straight black hair falls behind her back, occasionally falling over her shoulder in a subtly seductive way. She has two large, thickly ridged horns resembling dragon horns more than demonic ones, they curve back and behind her head. On her back are two surprisingly large dragon-like wings, covered in dark grey and slate blue scales. Starting at the nape of her neck and going down her spine are a row of thick scales meant to protect her spinal cord from damage. These scales continue down past her rump, forming a long, thin, whip-like tail. The last scale on the tail is slightly serrated, and exceptionally sharp, making it an excellent weapon. Her hands and feet are humanoid, but along her back a blue and grey pattern of scales radiates outwards from her spine. She typically wears unrealistically light armor that shows off her legs, she loves high heeled boots and prefers to wear darker colors. 


Crestia is a stunningly beautiful Demoness, she is one of the few hybrids of her type in existance, and she stands out everywhere she goes. She's well recieved almost everywhere- her beauty has given her a kind of blessing that applies to all who have eyes to see her. She had many opportunities, and she seized every one that she wanted. She was able to pursue almost any kind of education that she wanted, and practically anyone was willing to take on such a lovely girl as an apprentice, so she used these things to her advantage and learned everything that she could. She buddied up to royal guards and learned royal swordplay, she palled around with common theives and learned some sleight of hand, she hung close to scholars and soaked up the knowledge from everyone around her. 


Crestia has always loved learning. Even from a young age, she was hungry to know everything about anything that existed in the world. She is soft spoken, but when she is passionate about a subject she can get pretty heated. She has a strong sense of justice and right and wrong, and always speaks out for those who may not be able to defend themselves. So, even though she knows many dark, offensive magicks, she may not always be willing to use them without good reason. She is exceptional at defense, and she can be unbelievably stealthy, fighting her one on one is a challenge even with no weapons, as she stays moving and can always use her tail for quick stabbing strikes. She often wears high heels and will weaponize these in a fight as well. 


Crestia hopes to go to a human keeper who is as fiercely hungry for knowledge as she is. She wants to go to someone who will aggressively pursue every last secret of the universe, astral and mundane, simply for the pleasure of knowing them. She wants to hunt these secrets herself, and share her experiences with you over time. She also hopes to be someone that you can rely on in tough times, and she wants you to know that she will always be in your corner if you need to be defended. 


Crestia is willing to be romantic and sexual with her human keeper regardless of gender. She is an intense and passionate lover and she likes to have maximum body contact between her and her partner. She often uses her long tail to lightly touch her partner, and can even use it to restrain you if you are okay with that. She loves kissing and oral play and she has a much longer tongue than you would expect. 

Prebound C - The Dragon-Demoness