Entity Name: Ceres Culoris  Pronounced Keh-rez

Entity Age: 427

Species: Rismic Celestial Demon

Region: Rismia 32A - Outer Earth Realm - Dark Arts

Realm: Aloris'ay  City: Zanzel Erim - Translates to "Starset Home"

Gender: Male 


Ceres stands 6'4" tall with a thin, lightly athletic, lanky build and fair porcelain skin. He has short, straight, inky black hair that covers the base of his smooth, pointed horns. His horns are primarily dark blue, but when you gaze into them it is a bit like looking at the night sky, you can see faint stars twinkling and colorful nebulae drifting. He has a large set of dark blue feathery wings that share the same galaxy effect as his horns, although they look smooth and glassy, touching them reveals them to be soft and fluffy. His tail is long and thin with a diamond shaped tip, and it has the galaxy effect as well. His face is smooth with a narrow chin and high cheekbones producing a pop star like look with his flawless skin. His eyes are deep sapphire blue, reflective and bright, and his lips and cheeks have a slight rose blush. He tends to wear loose clothing in many layers, and he trends towards darker colors. Specialty fabrics that have galaxy or other color shifting effects are common in his realm, so do not be alarmed. He favors silver accessories and his favorite gemstone is Sapphire. He has a set of silver studs with large round sapphire cabochons in them that he almost always wears. 


Ceres is a calm, sweet, and shy Celestial Demon. He is very easy to get along with, and although he is dark, his morality is pretty comparable to your average human's. He is an intellectual, introspective guy, and he dedicated much of his life to studying and training as a Rismic WarMage. He had always dreamt of being a master magickian as a child, so the training provided him the perfect opportunity to sieze his dreams. He is slow to bond, but very sensitive and emotional and very good at expressing his feelings. He likes media based on fantasy and sci-fi themes, he likes strategy games as simple as chess or as complex as modern video games. He marvels at technology and likes to appreciate the work that goes into such creations. He enjoys most music, and would be happy to spend time with you doing almost anything, even if you are just venting to him. He would love to be your emotional support and your friend, and in time he hopes you will be the same for him. 


Ceres is a Rismic WarMage, although he is not signed on to the service of any military, government, or organization at the moment. "Rismic" Refers to the energy he is using in most of his works, which is drawn from the Rismia astral star. He is like a sellsword, but he specializes in magick, and he has a strict moral code- he helps people because he wants to, not because of the money- though he does take the occasional escort job for some quick cash. He has mastered many types of magick, every element that you could think of and some that you've never even heard of. He can sear foes with fire, freeze them with ice, shield with pure void, heal with starlight, and much more. His magicks are not simply for battle, either, as he can cast spells to make you more persuasive, or influence others to do as you wish. Whether you prefer a direct approach or a little discretion, Ceres has got you covered. 


Rismic energy in particular is very potent, and can be added to and blended with any spell you ask him to do to increase the strength of it. A spell done with pure Rismic energy is not advised unless it is a healing or shielding spell. He is also capable of using Rismic energy to influence things on a cosmic scale, although it takes time to notice the effects. 

He does not specialize in servitor building, but he has been trained in it and is fully capable of building servitors whether to complete a task or to be a companion for you. The more practice and feedback he gets with this, the better he will become at it. 


Ceres is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper regardless of gender. He is a bit timid when it comes to sexuality and it may take him some time to get comfortable around you. He is a surprisingly gentle and innocent lover, he takes his time and appreciates his lovers body in every way possible. 

Prebound C - The Celestial Mage

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