Entity Name: Cory 

Entity Age: 19

Species: Astral Anthro-Humanoid - Spectral Cougar and Human Hybrid

Untranslated Species Name: Kiracel'ine

Gender: Male 


Cory stands 5'8" tall with a lithe, flexible build and light muscle definition/ His skin is a mellow tan color, covered in velvety smooth golden peach-fuzz. His fur is slightly longer on his head, back, and around his neck, and on his chin, neck, and the front of his torso his fuzz changes to a light cream color, with some black accents on his Cougar-esque rounded, fluffy ears and elsewhere on his body. His face is an even mix between Cougar and Human, with a pronounced feline muzzle and large green-gold eyes with slitted pupils. His expression is normally quite tame and peaceful, but he is fully equipped with claws and fangs, should the need to defend himself (or you) arise. His hands are large paws with thumbs, and his legs and feet are jointed like a Cougar's, giving him a digitigrade stance. He tends to wear little clothing, but when he does dress up he normally opts for t-shirts and cargo shorts in a warm to neutral color pallet. 


Cory is a sweet, adventurous, and somewhat mischievous guy with an outgoing and lovable personality, quickly endearing him to everyone he meets. He is easy to talk to and get along with, and has an older-brother appeal, even though he is not the tallest or strongest of his species, he gives off a very reliable and dependable vibe. His morals are firm, he hates when people harm those who are defenseless, and believes that even when hunting for food, you should always have an even playing field. He has a strong sense of honor and resents people who lie and cheat, or manipulate others. He is looking for a human companion to protect and guide, someone he can listen to and someone he can talk to, someone to share new experiences with. He also hopes that there will be a romantic element to your relationship. 


Cory is interested in the human world, but not in our technology or our media, just in us- the humans. He wants to get to know someone as deeply and truly as he knows himself, and be with that person until their last day. He is fiercely loyal and protective, although he is slow to bond, once he is bonded with you it is likely he will follow you into your next lives, and possibly his spirit will follow your soul even after you both have passed. Cory is open to being sexual and romantic with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He is sexually inexperienced, so he does not know what kind of lover he will be- but he will do his best to please you, if you become that close. 

Prebound C - Anthro Cougar

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