Entity Name: Cosi  pronounced Koh-Sai

Entity Age: 4  Hatchday August 18th

Species: 'Koi' Mix, Gold, Red, and White Dragon Hybrid 

Gender: Male 


Cosi is 7' long from nose to tail, comparable in size to a pony or small horse with beautiful calico patterned scales in rich gold, pearly white, and stunning fiery red colors giving him an appearance similar to a Koi fish. His face has soft features, his eyes large and spherical with a glossy gemlike reflection, mostly red with some gold flecks glimmering in the light. He has a typical Western-Dragon styled body with two arms, two legs, two wings, an elongated neck and a somewhat stubby tail, as he is still young. He tends to walk on all fours, but is capable of standing on his hind legs and walking bipedally if he wants to. He has a budding pair of deep black horns starting to show where the back of his head meets his neck. He typically does not wear accessories, and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Tiger's Eye. 


Cosi is an energetic and affectionate young Dragon with a healthy curiosity and a thirst for knowledge of all sorts. His unique genetic background means he could easily tackle almost any kind of spellwork, although he does trend towards light arts workings. He is talkative and tends to ask tons of questions, although he will stop if you tell him that it is not a good time. He loves cuddling and is very much a 'lap dragon' if you can imagine such a thing, although this will surely become troublesome as he grows. He is fascinated by the human realm, he would love to be exposed to any hobbies or types of entertainment that his future keeper enjoys as long as it is not too gory or scary. Ideally, he would like to go to someone with a varied but medium sized family, so he can still get some personal attention. 


Cosi has an impeccable memory even at a young age and his speech and maturity is far superior to what a similarly aged human child would exhibit. Although he is a hybrid of three (or possibly more) species, it is safe to assume as he grows that he will show traits from all of the species comprising him- Memory and adept spellwork of a Gold Dragon, Wealth gaining and wish granting of a Red Dragon, and the Healing and protective arts of a White Dragon. 

Cosi hopes that his future keeper is someone with an interest in spellwork, so he can watch, learn, and even assist as he picks up the techniques you are using. He does have Dragon caretakers and a place to sleep, eat, and live in his current home realm, so you do not have to worry about teaching him absolutely everything or finding a place for him to stay right away. Eventually, however, he would like to move in to his future keeper's astral area. 


Raising a Dragon from such a young age is a real responsibility and precious to take part in. Cosi will grow immensely loyal to you and very attached, if your bond is strong enough he will likely follow you and your family through many lifetimes. 

Baby Dragons are impressionable and adaptable, although Cosi's DNA skews him more towards the White Arts side of the spectrum if you constantly expose him to Dark Arts entities and spellwork he may take a liking to it. 

Prebound C - 'Koi' Baby Dragon Hybrid

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