Entity Name: Bata

Entity Age: 18

Species: Greyborn Harpy - White/Light Grey Arts 

Gender: Female 


Bata stands 5'3" tall with a petite, athletic figure and modest B cup breasts, her body covered in a sweet pastel shade of blue that gives her a dreamy appearance. Her hair is medium length and straight with a fine texture and dark blue hue, though there are a few lighter strands of highlights. Her face is sweet and youthful with an energetic smile and devious, grape-colored eyes always looking out for adventure. Her body is mostly humanoid, but she does have some feathers covering her forearms as well as a small feathery tail perched just above her rump, notably her legs transition at the knee to bird-like legs and feet, the scales a pale white-blue hue. She also has a lovely set of feathery wings and all of her feathered bits share the same color scheme, blue where they meet the body then fading out into tropical and pastel rainbow colors at the edges of each feather. Bata actually does not like wearing clothes much at all, but she will tolerate a tank top and shorts or a skirt if she has to go somewhere that nudity is not acceptable. She prefers gold toned accessories and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Solar Quartz. 


Bata has a bubbly, energetic, fun-loving personality with a smile that seems to light up the world around her. She is always in a good mood, and does her best to support and help her friends however she can. She has a 'heart of gold' and would never intentionally betray or harm anyone. She is easy to entertain, and she will happily take part in any kind of game or activity that you present her with. She is extremely affectionate and she loves to cuddle and hug her favorite people. Though she is a Harpy, she is well spoken and rather intelligent and she could easily hold conversations about most things, though she isn't likely to be interested in math or similar subjects. Bata would be happy to spend time with her future keeper doing pretty much anything, but she has a soft spot for media and games that have cute animals in them. 


Bata is more of a companion than a task-doer, but she is formidable in combat and she has excellent reflexes so she will make a great ally for anyone who travels the astral planes. Her senses are sharp as a hawk's and she is constantly aware of every movement that happens around her, no matter how slight. Over time you may notice that some aspects of her increased senses begin to rub off on you- you can accelerate this by asking her to meditate with you and blend her energy with your own. Bata does not require offerings but if you are feeling generous her favorite scent/flavor is banana. 


Bata is looking forward to experimenting sexually with her future keeper and she is hopeful for a romantic spark as well. She is innocent and perhaps a bit naive when it comes to the finer aspects of carnality, but her drive and desires are formidable, as one would expect of a Harpy. Once she learns that her partner is a safe outlet for her to satisfy her sexual needs, you may find that she is more than you can handle. Bata has no gender preference for her future keeper but she does favor penetration so perhaps 'toys' or shapeshifting could be used to accomodate that. 

Prebound B - The Lovebird Harpy

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