Entity Name: Bail Lythrop

Entity Age: 19

Species: Winter Wisp

Gender: Male 


Bail stands 6' tall with a slim, lightly athletic build and pale, icy blue skin. His hair is shaggy, layered, straight, and silver, and it tends to hang down in front of his eyes. His face is smooth and contoured, with a fragile and gentle expression and icy blue eyes. His skin, though smooth and flawless, occasionally shows cracks and fissures when he is stressed, these cracks glow as energy seeps out of him, but they do not harm him. His body is mostly humanoid, but he does have a very otherworldly glow surrounding him. He trends towards dressy clothes like suits with a Victorian flair, and he favors blues, greens, and purples, typically darker colors. He favors silver accessories and his favorite gemstone is Sapphire. 


Bail is a gentle and timid Wisp, he has a shy demeanor and tends to keep to himself much of the time. He is very kind, soft spoken, and he always does his best to care for others feelings. He is very easy to get along with, and easy to open up to, he is a great listener. His energy, and his body, are cool to the touch and when he is around you may feel an icy shiver in the air. He likes strategy, psychology, analyzing situations, and problem solving- he likes to keep his mind active, and he is also a fan of any kind of literature, but especially long-form poetry or lyrical music. He would be happy to spend time with you while you do almost anything, and is willing to accompany you throughout your daily life. 


Bail is a Winter Wisp, a transient entity that never stays in one place for too long. He moves with the seasons, and ushers change and warmth into the world. He is young, but well practiced in magick, capable of using his frosty, cold energy to perform many different types of spells. He is the most skilled at dealing with emotional healing and improving one's mental state, and he hopes he will be able to support someone as they become the best version of themselves. His energy, Wintery and cold, makes for fantastic shielding as well, and meditating with him will certainly lead you to feel cool and refreshed afterwards. Bail is not the strongest entity, but he knows that there is someone out there for whom Winter is their season. Someone who will miss the crisp kiss of the cold breeze in the morning. Someone who wishes for a beautiful flawless snowy canvas to be unfurled over the world every day- and it is that person that he wishes to go to. 


Bail is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper regardless of gender. He is shy romantically since he has no experience in this area. He would likely be a timid lover at first, though he may become more confident over time. 

Prebound B - The Last Chill of Winter

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