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Entity Name: Batan Nyaoli

Entity Age: 1,431

Species: Nepaz "Nya-Nya" Demon - Grey Arts

Gender: Male 


Batan stands 5'8" tall with a thin and athletic build, some visible muscle tone, and a rich mocha-tan skintone. His hair is straight yet extremely light and fluffy, with a spiky cloud-like texture and a pure white color. His face is youthful with a narrow chin and high cheekbones and two quite large bright gold-orange eyes with slit pupils and white eyelashes and eyebrows. Two small white horns poke out from his hair, just above his ears which are fluffy and resemble a snow leopard's patterning. He has no wings, but does have a long, overly poofy snow-leopard style tail as well as a trail of embedded augmentation gems that runs along his spine. He opts for little in the way of clothing, often going shirtless and wearing loose, comfy pants and a collar most of the time, occasionally with some harem-style body chains for accents. Batan prefers gold-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Tanzanite. 


Batan has a curious and loving personality, quite unusual for a Demon but normal for his species. He loves to nuzzle those he feels affection towards, and his aura is uplifting even if you've had a rough day. Playful and energetic, he will always be up for an adventure even if that 'adventure' is simply going to the store, so he would make a great companion for someone with a 'normal' life. He loves animals and is likely to attempt to interact with any pets that you have in your home. He may seem simple-minded, but if you were to ask him he thinks that he is just prioritizing what is important in life- happiness and affection! He's always up for listening to your concerns and feelings, and he can even offer advice, although it may not be especially useful because he would probably just tell you to hug those you have issues with. Despite his non-useful advice, he's so cute when he says it that it usually manages to help out, even if only because it improves your mood. Batan is up for spending time with you while you do almost anything, but he does have a particular interest in outdoors activities and (surprise) fishing is one of his favorite things to watch. 


Batan is definitely a lover, not a fighter, but that doesn't mean he brings nothing to the table. When first coming across this species, I had some difficulty in classifying them- because while they bear a strong resemblance to Bestial Demons, they also had numerous factors in common with Djinn. I mention this because one of Batan's strongest abilities is wish granting, something that is usually associated with Djinn, and it was this unusual ability that threw me off while attempting to classify them. While Batan and other Nepazines are capable of granting wishes, they seem to do it using the sheer force of their affection and love for their partner, rather than using any kind of fate manipulation to do it (as a Djinni would). Due to this, Batan may try to 'grant' wishes on your behalf without you even asking. He will take note of the situations and events that make you happy, and he will try to create more of those situations by working behind the scenes so that he can always see his keeper's lovely smile! He will never grant harmful wishes, and he will never try to cause harm on your behalf without explicitly being asked to do so. Although he is not intended to be a defensive being, if you asked him to try and defend you he would do his best. Batan does not require offerings other than his keeper's time, affection, laughter and smiles! 


Batan is hoping his future keeper will be open to exploring romance and intimacy with him, although he does not require this. He is quite a 'frisky' Demon and if you snuggle with him long enough there is a good chance that he will try for a bit more. He likes to kiss, nibble, and lick his partners and he is a very giving lover. Oddly, intercourse with Nepaz Demons seems to increase the energy level of their partners, so if you do that very late at night you may have some difficulty falling asleep after. 

Prebound B - The Fluffy Demon

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