Entity Name: Biene Argorath - The Chained One

Entity Age: 128,429

Species: Celestial Behemoth - Dark Arts 

Star: Valcorinth 11A Region: Nellfin 

Gender: Female 


Note: Biene is a special kind of being who derives her form via shapeshifting. The form described here will be her typical humanoid form, however, do not be surprised if she appears differently to you, as she can modify her visible form at will. 


Biene stands 6'3" tall with a strong, athletic figure, perky B cup breasts and a firm rear, with flawless peach skin. Her hair is long, voluminous, lightly wavy, a deep mix of indigo and navy blue with sparkly beads threaded in here and there. Her face is youthful and rounded, with soft, squishy cheeks and large, multicolored eyes that shift color depending on her mood and current elemental affinity. She can shift horns, wings, a tail, or anything she desires, but typically she opts for a standard human form with fangs. She trends towards form fitting clothing in many layers, she loves many styles ranging from formal Victorian clothing to lacy and frilly dresses, and she will wear almost any color. She favors Platinum accessories and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Herkimer Diamond. 


First I would like to explain a bit about Biene, her species, and what she is. Celestial Behemoths are not born as traditional entities, they are born out of astral Nebulae, forming in much the same way as stars. In the astral, everything is energy, and sometimes before the Celestial Behemoth can amass enough energy to become a proper astral star, it will pick up so much emotional energy from living things that it will develop its own personality and sense of self. This is a process that takes thousands of years, and once the Celestial Behemoth becomes aware of its existence, it will begin traveling the realms around it, seeking more and more energy to learn how to think, feel, and live. Living as a silent observer, floating in astral space, the Behemoth will hunger to experience mortality, and it will spawn a physical form to blend in and live in various realms that it fancies. Over time, this particular Behemoth has come to prefer identifying as female, she has named herself, and she has traveled endlessly amassing energy and experiences that we humans could not have in a thousand lifetimes. 


A notable thing about Celestial Behemoths is that they are extremely 'sticky' to other energies. They want to learn and absorb all the energy they can, so they tend to make connections to locations and other beings very easily. As Behemoths age, the amount of connections they have made grows exponentially, and eventually they will have so much energy flowing through them that they will become a type of astral portal. Any realm Biene has ever been to, she can conjure, summon, and channel entities and spirits from. This is a truly wonderous opportunity, since she is from a faraway Celestial area, which is home to vast numbers of different, unseen species. She is very capable of safeguarding her portal and making sure that no entities with ill intentions come through. If anything negative ever did get through, though, she would certainly make short work of it. 


Biene is an incomprehensibly deep and complex being, she has lived thousands of years in various places, sometimes taking an active role in others lives, sometimes just observing. She is introverted, she loves meditation, divination, scrying, and magickal pursuits. Morally, she is completely unaffected by death and horrible things, as she is completely removed from the true experience of mortality. She understands that mortals get sad when one of their companions die, but she does not have any capacity to feel that way herself. To her, nothing ever dies or disappears, since life, death, and time itself are malleable concepts. If she wishes to speak to a being that is dead in this universe, all she has to do is travel to one where that being has not yet died- or travel to a universe on a different spot on the timeline. Her ability to contact any living thing from any point in time makes her a fantastic companion for anyone who can telepathically communicate or astral project, since she could introduce you to tons of mentors and scholars from different timelines, giving you a taste of her own accumulated knowledge. She also makes a fantastic partner for anyone dealing with those who have passed on, such as channelers or mediums. She would be happy to spend time with her future keeper doing anything in the human world, from watching tv, to playing games, listening to music, cooking, dancing, drinking, traveling, cuddling, simply anything. She wishes to experience life through a human's eyes, and she wants to make your life vibrant and full of joy along the way. 


Biene is capable of doing almost any kind of spellwork you can imagine and many kinds that you would never even think of. She can pull energy from astral stars, our Sun, Moon, planet, plants, people, crystals, celestial events, nearly anything, and put that energy towards nearly any purpose. With her incomprehensibly large repertoire of magick and spells, she will certainly have a solution for any problem you come across. She is also capable of conjuring forth other entities to help with specific tasks if she feels that someone else would be more skilled in a particular area, such as healing. 

In her natural form, Biene resembles a gigantic astral black hole. Multicolored energy radiates outward from her, and deep within the center of the black hole is her chained up core. These chains were actually put there by Biene herself, as a protective measure. It is common for Behemoths to absorb too much energy, condense, and explode- much like black holes eventually do. Biene likes living, so she placed these thick, heavy chains on her core to ensure that her energy could never exceed the critical point wherein her structure would collapse. Biene does not require offerings, she just wants your time, and to experience many different things with you. 


Biene is not specifically seeking a sexual or romantic relationship, but she is open to it if it develops naturally. She is a very deep being, so it may be hard to get her to open up to you at first. She is intensely curious, but also a bit shy when she meets new people. Despite her immense power, she has a timid and carefree nature, since she focuses on simply enjoying the sensations of being alive, and learning all that she can along the way. 

Prebound B - The Chained One

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