Note: Baron is a rehomed listing, and is seeking his forever home


Entity Name: Baron 

Entity Age: 28

Species: Altered Astral Humanoid

Gender: Male 


Baron stands 6'7" tall with a slim, athletic body with some visible muscle tone, his skin a pale peach color. His hair is long, lightly curly and quite voluminous, a lovely mix of pale blue and purple with an ombre effect that fades more towards purple at the tips. His face has gentle features, though a bit of alteration was done on his nose and lips to make him appear more to his buyer's liking. His eyes are large and round with a bright mint green color, and his smile is still sweet even though his upper lip is clefted slightly to resemble a goat. He has two long, dark blue horns that sweep back across his head as well as two large, white-furred, hilariously floppy goat-style ears and his legs transition into goat-like legs with hooves from mid-thigh downward, light white fur covering his skin. He also has a small but very fluffy white goat tail that he can wag when he is excited, and there is a tuft of white fur in the center of his chest. He typically wears robes and loose clothing that leaves his legs free to move. He prefers gold toned accessories and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Emerald. 


Baron is a very optimistic and caring entity who is always smiling and cheerful, often humming a tune as he goes about his day. Formerly enslaved, he has viewed his rescue and rehabilitation as a true blessing- another chance at life, a life where he is free to make his own choices. He loves music of all sorts and often dances along with whatever song he hears, no matter the genre. He adores working with his hands and he loves to draw, paint, and sculpt- He did these activities as part of his rehab and he really quite enjoyed them. He would love to go to a keeper who has similar likes, especially if you would be willing to listen to music and dance along with him. Although he is cheerful, he does carry scars from his past and he tends to get quiet and somewhat tense during storms. If his future keeper were to invite him to snuggle or sleep near them during a storm, it would comfort him tremendously. 


Baron was never allowed to seek formal education since he was actually born into slavery, his time since being rescued is the only freedom he has ever known. He would love to learn more about healing, shielding, and protective magickal techniques although he has only just begun learning the basics of energy manipulation at this point. He would find it ideal if he was able to learn alongside his future keeper, perhaps being invited to meditate with you or do energetic exercises with you. He may lack magickal knowledge, but he is quite agile and has learned some defensive hand to hand maneuvers, so he would make a good bodyguard for any astral traveler. He hopes to go to a home where he can grow to surpass his rough beginnings in life, eventually becoming a treasured member of your family. 


Baron is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He loves to use his mouth and tongue in intimate situations, as part of his alterations made his mouth a very erogenously sensitive area. Kissing and oral sex are his two favorite things to do, although he stresses that he is quite well equipped to fill any other needs you have. He is a big cuddler and loves to cuddle before and after intimate play. 

Prebound B - A Goaty Rescue

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