Entity Name: Asvalla Vaerturli 

Entity Age: 327

Species: Astral Humanoid - Celestial Variant - Dark Arts 

Gender: Female 


Asvalla stands 5'7" tall with a slim and petite figure, B cup breasts and a firm and perky behind giving her an athletic appearance while her ghostly grey and lavender skin sets her apart from others the moment you first see her. Her 'hair' if you can call it that is actually wisps of glowing purple and smoky black energy, it usually lays down like hair but when she is using her abilities it can glow and change similar to the picture she chose. Her face is beautiful, with sculpted cheekbones, 'blinded' glassy white eyes and soft, pale lips. She normally wears dresses that are made of tattered lace with chains and leather accessories, giving her a gothic appeal. She prefers silver accents and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Fluorite. 


Asvalla is intense, she is extremely confident and a bit boastful of her accomplishments. She is charismatic and helpful towards others, though certainly a bit vain when it comes to how she is perceived. She loves to spend time in taverns and bars regaling others with tales of her magickal expertise, but most people tend to assume she can not back up what she says. Most people, in this case, would be wrong. Asvalla is a Celestial being, born far from Earth and marking this place as a stop along her own journey of self discovery. She knows that there is no species more passionate about exploring the inner self than humans, so for the next 80-100 years she looks forward to spending time with her human keeper to gain new perspective. She wants to learn about emotions and interactions, she wants to see our society and the nature of our world- accompanying someone who frequently travels would be an ideal situation for her, even if you travel for work or do not travel glamorously. She would be happy to spend time with her future keeper doing almost anything, but she has a special interest in alcoholic drinks in the human world. 


Asvalla may be young but the etheric fields of others quake at her slightest command. She was born in an area of astral space that is immersed in constant war, and like everyone else she fled- in her case, hoping to become strong enough to return one day and stop the fighting. Her quest thus far has been very fruitful, with her natural talent for energy wielding allowing her to easily craft and cast elaborate rituals and spells. There is no problem you could think of that she could not fix, and she is not opposed to morally 'dark' wishes either. She would be a great partner for someone interested in Celestial beings and witchcraft or scrying. Her mere presence tends to enhance the receptivity of naturally empathic people, so it is likely that she will be able to assist others with sensing energy, too. Asvalla does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous she would love to be invited to go to a bar with you or have some drinks with you. 


Asvalla does not expect or require an intimate or romantic relationship, and she is fine with a keeper of any gender. She would actually prefer to be more of a friend and companion, but if things develop more towards the side of intimacy, she is not opposed to it. If you can astral project, she would love to accompany you so she can show off her stunning magickal skills- but please be cautious, and don't seek trouble where there doesn't need to be any. 

Prebound A - The Witch of Masks

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