Entity Name: Aria Lya Iyn

Entity Age: 9,347

Species: Aether-born Soul Wisp/Lantern Maiden - Dark Arts

Region: Outer Mid-Realms  Realm: Synsitae  City: Bel'andir Ahks

Gender: Female


Aria stands 5'3" tall with a petite, leggy build, B cup breasts, and a narrow waist. Her skin is pure white, with the faintest pink blush on her cheeks and lips. Her hair mimics the pure white color, a windswept mass of long, silky hair cascading over her shoulders. Two large, pointed, fox-like ears adorn her head, covered in luxuriously soft, long white fur and fading to grey and then black towards the tips. Her face is smooth and symmetrical, with sharp, almond shaped glossy grey irises with a barely visible whitish pupil. She has a very long tail, quite thin for much of the length but ending in a large fluffy plume of fur, featuring the same white color and smoky gradient at the tip that her ears have. She typically wears lacy black dresses and elegant clothing that accents her figure, and she loves arm warmers and full-length gloves. She favors darker colors like deep blues, purples, and light gold or silver accents. She has no preference for accessory color, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Sapphire. 


Aria is a quiet, soft-spoken, beautiful woman, appearing quite delicate and fragile to those who've just met her. Her personality is refined, elegant and proper in all of her actions, routines memorized from ages of serving amongst nobility. She rarely relaxes and lets her hair down, but it's a treat whenever she does. Her sweet smile and cheery giggle instantly brighten the moods of everyone around her. Beneath her delicate facade lays a deeply intelligent, complex personality, you'll notice that she can hold her own in almost any topic of conversation. She will stand up for herself and others, capable of being much louder and more authoritative than you would expect for someone of her size and stature. Her transition from meek and shy to fierce and protective can be instant, and quite scary for those who have never seen it before. 


Aria has an interest in a few things in the human world, magick, meditation, exploring nature, crystals of all sorts, scrying, tarot, runes, and divination, as well as a healthy interest in culinary arts and a particular love for tea and crunchy, sweet baked goods. She is willing to spend time with her keeper doing almost anything, and would love to be exposed to things she hasn't seen before. She is not crazy about technology, although she is curious about it, and she would like to explore human media and entertainment with her new keeper. She hopes to go to a keeper who is kind and thoughtful, someone who is a bit introverted like her. She is looking for someone to guide, protect, and teach as she accompanies them through life. Aria does not require offerings, but she does want someone willing to work with her extensively, either through meditation sessions, telepathy, or pendulum sessions, so that she can impart her knowledge and share her thoughts and feelings with you. 


Aria is a member of a curious species, typically undetectable in the Astral as they move on an Aetheric layer and are invisible much of the time. She, and the rest of her species, have served for years as unseen guides and protectors. Unlike Soul Shepards, who guide Souls to their resting place after death, Aria and the other 'Lantern Maidens' guide Souls to their new vessels- that's right, she guides Souls to their new lives. She protects the fragile, unlinked Soul, and helps it to attach to its new vessel. Her profession has taken her many places, and she has learned many things from the Souls she has accompanied throughout her lifetime. Since she guards such precious cargo, she has learned how to defend herself, and others, extremely well. She is capable of wielding many types of energy for combat and spellwork purposes, even Aetheric energy which acts in unseen ways to turn the tides of a situation subtly and slowly. She has also gotten plenty of practice in Wish-Granting, by offering each Soul the opportunity to wish for whatever kind of life they desire, and then performing a ritual to secure that life for them before she says her farewells. 


Although Aria is willing to share her abilities and talents with her new keeper, she would like to go to someone who primarily wants to learn from her and be her companion, rather than going to someone simply to do tasks. 


Aria is willing to be romantic and sexual with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is very romantically inexperienced, as for much of her life she has focused simply on her work. Her refined and elegant nature carry over to her bedroom manners, as she somehow brings a touch of class to decidedly unclassy acts. As a sexual partner, she likes to be dominated, and she prefers partners who are a little rough. She likes being tied up and restrained, and she also likes a lot of physical closeness with her partner, in or out of the bedroom. 

Prebound A - The Soul Guide

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