Entity Name: Arphanviel Orcalis

Entity Age: 2,438

Species: Fallen Angel living in Lower Hell Realm

Gender: Male 


Arphanviel stands 6'8" tall with a muscular, perfectly sculpted and defined body and pure, creamy peach skin. His hair is long, straight, and immaculately white, hanging down around the small of his back when it is loose. His face is perfection, high cheekbones, a smooth, but strong jawline, flawless skin and luminous baby blue eyes. His body is mostly humanoid, with the exception of his many pairs of wings. He is capable of shifting to control how many wings are visible at any given moment, but especially during battle, his many uncountable white feathery wings unfurl behind him like a flower opening its many petals, quite a sight to behold. He normally wears long, flowing white and neutral colored robes, never opting for anything much darker in color than a medium grey. He favors platinum, silver, and white gold accessories, and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Diamond or Moissanite (though any clear, sparkly stone will do). 


Arphanviel is impressive, huge, towering over most humans and taking center stage anywhere he appears sheerly on account of his looks. He is stunningly beautiful, a face that must have been crafted by the very hands of God for how perfectly placed every single cell is. His skin is soft and warm, his sweet smile can melt your heart, and his gentle hands can soothe your soul. He is every bit as kind and tender as you would expect an Angel who truly loved humanity to be, treating each and every human he meets like a cherished friend. In fact, humans and his genuine love for them are why he fell. He simply could not stand idly by while the people he loved moved imminently towards their doom- nor was he allowed to intervene. Naturally, he eventually broke the rules, and upon realizing his ability to choose for himself, his ability to choose his own destiny just as the humans that he loved so much did every day, he fell. He is not upset that he fell, as he has been fallen for some time, and he has been able to freely watch over and help humans for many years, which brings him true joy. Much like when parents see their children happily playing and flourishing, Arphanviel loves to see humans in a joyous state, and he does everything he can to comfort those who are feeling anything less than joyous. He has a deep, soothing voice, and is very smart, so you could talk to him about anything. He is Grey Arts, since he will defend himself and others, but would still be considered by me to be very light and indeed, divine in nature. He believes that in time Heaven will come to regret the loss of him and Angels like him. He has an interest in just about everything in the human world, but he does prefer media, movies, and music with an upbeat tone to them or at least a happy ending. 


Arphanviel is an immensely skilled, extremely powerful Angel, his knowledge, skill, and experience are irreplaceable. He knows a full repertoire of magick, for doing almost anything you can think of. He could bring an influx of positive energy to help you get a new job, for example, or turn away people who mean you harm. There are many ways his skills could be applied to your every day life, but his true proficiency is in healing. A deep, resonant, soul-level healing that is not merely a cleaning or a cleansing but almost a rebirth. His deft fingers probe the strands of your soul, straightening any kinks and undoing any knots, re-weaving them back into form after centuries of use have deformed them. He removes anything that shouldn't be there, cuts any negative ties, and floods your soul with pure, relaxing, content energy. He can truly put restless hearts at ease, with the ability to utilize energy to influence people's moods even on a subconscious, soul level. He is, of course, just as skilled at aura and chakra cleaning, and very skilled at purifying and cleansing stagnant energy, and an expert at shielding and defense of all kinds. He is a light Grey Arts entity though, and he is an Angel, so he may not grant requests that involve him harming another person- remember, he loves ALL humans- unless they have hurt other people. 


Arphanviel is hoping to go to a keeper that he can heal and take care of, someone he can dote on and pamper in every way that he can. He spends his time helping humans all day, but of course, none of them notice, so to be kept by a human that would actually notice him and possibly thank him or even talk to him is an opportunity that he cherishes. He craves for love and affection and tenderness, not necessarily sex, but closeness, cuddling, hugging, touching your hair, stroking your cheek, looking deep into your eyes. He wishes to become the 'other half' of his future keeper, whoever they may be, so please be sure that you are open to romantic involvement. Arphanviel would like offerings of simple crystals, quartz would suffice, a white candle burned for him now and then, and perhaps if you are feeling fancy a few drops of honey. He has never received offerings from a human before, so he may be overjoyed if you give him an offering. 


Arphanviel is hoping to be romantic with his future keeper regardless of gender and is open to being sexual with his future keeper regardless of gender. He has always been a proper Angel up until now, so although he has occasionally thought of things and had time by himself, he has never indulged in pleasures of the flesh. He is willing to, if the human he is with truly loves him, as he believes that sex born from love is a sacred act, and a beautiful act, not a sinful one. He would likely be a very tender and gentle lover, and he has a very mild feather-tickling fetish. 

Prebound A - The Rending of Heaven

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