Entity Name: Ariana Celestine

Entity Age: 23

Species: Negation Demon/Lowborn Angel Hybrid

Gender: Female


Please Note: Entities from these realms can be a bit darker than most people are used to. Ariana may be difficult to sense until you get used to her. When you welcome her home, please light a candle and invite her to come sit with you. Give yourself some quiet time, and once you feel relaxed, ask her to blend her energy with yours. Breathe in deeply and feel her exhaling her dark, cool breath into your mind, body and soul. You may do this as many times, and for as long as you wish. Be aware that this will lower your energy frequency over time. There is no negative side effect, although some people will feel more connected to their "Shadow Self" as a result.


Ariana stands 5'10" tall with a slender, elegant build and stunningly long, toned legs. She has a subtle hourglass figure, with D cup breasts and a generous posterior. Her skin is a pale peach tone, her cheeks and lips standing out with a deep rose colored blush. Her hair is long, straight, and flowing, a deep blue color that looks black in low light. She has two large, black, ridged horns that sweep up and back behind her head, and behind her are three pairs of large, light grey feathered wings. Typically, she will hide two of the pairs of wings using shapeshifting, but when traveling or in combat all three pairs are visible. She normally wears simple white dresses that cling slightly to her body, showing off her figure. Her face is soft and gentle, and her eyes are a lovely amethyst color. 


Ariana is a stunning, impressive woman to behold. With traits of both an Angel and a Demon, she confuses most that see her at first. She was ousted and picked on many of the places that she went, so she ended up settling permently near Negation. She only knew her parents for a small part of her life, when she was 16 she was abandoned by them and left to fend for herself. Though she has never seen them again, and never been able to ask them why they left, she does not blame them. Their life was always rough, even at the best of times. She has grown up in a rough situation, and has become a very tough person because of it. At this point, nothing shakes her foundation. Everything she has been through simply built her up even stronger in the end, and she became extremely reliable as well. 


Ariana has few friends, but is unquestioningly loyal to those that she does have. She is very well learned in Negation and Demonic magicks, too, so she makes a powerful ally to have on one's side, whether in a battle or simply as a companion. Although she is young, she is stunningly capable, and her unique genetics give her some unique talents. One such talent is energy conversion, she can transmute basically any energy into any other kind, and handle them safely, keeping them contained. She can program and direct these energies for any purpose that you decide on. 

Ariana also has a particular talent for swordplay, although she is still training in this, she wields a sword that she got from her parents before they left- it is a Negated Obsidian Sword, pure black and slightly translucent in bright light. This sword is enhanced with Negation magick, and it negates any energy blocked by it completely. 


Ariana hopes that she will go to a keeper who is gentle and caring, someone who will want to take care of her as much as she will take care of them. She hopes to be thought of and spoken to often, and perhaps an occasional offering of a burning candle would be appreciated. Ariana has an interest in a few things from the human world, those being cooking and baking, crafts and art of any sort, comedy and romance stories/movies, observing nature, and gemstones of all sorts. She would be happy to discuss anything with you, and would gladly be a listener if you needed one as well. 


Ariana is willing to be sexual and romantic with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is a passionate lover, and she likes to touch and feel every inch of her partners body. She likes being on top, or being on bottom, either is fine for her. 

Prebound A - The Negation Angel

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