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Entity Name: Arventius Callum  Nickname: Ven, Venny, Venti 

Entity Age: 351

Species: Lower Hell Realm Demon - Dark Arts

Gender: Male 


Arventius stands 6'2" tall with a broad shouldered, muscular build and lusciously tanned, olive-hued skin. His hair is short and fluffy, straight with a dirty blonde main color that darkens towards the nape of his neck. His face is defined, with a strong jawline and sharply angled, red eyes with light gold flecks smattered across the irises. He has two large, ridged black horns that curve back at first, then sweep upwards and forwards, creating a sharp bend that makes it nearly impossible for him to put on a T-shirt. His wings are large, a deep red-black color with a supple, leathery texture that is very pleasant to the touch, his tail, long and thin, shares the same color scheme and ends in a sharp arrowhead tip. He normally wears all black clothing with occasional red and gold accents, his finely tailored, sharp style a hint at his status. He prefers gold toned accessories, and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Ruby. 


Arventius is a cultured, charismatic Demon especially for one so young. His parents are Councilmembers in Lower Hell Realm, so he has always been well cared for, becoming accustomed to the finer things in life as he traveled around with them in his childhood. When he came of age, his parents thought that he would follow in their footsteps- But instead, he decided to travel on his own and do some soul searching. He is still searching decades later, for something to bring him purpose and inspiration, someone or something to be his muse. Finally, upon learning of the option for human companionship, he feels like he has found it. He has a very sweet demeanor, well mannered and quite chivalrous not to mention extremely seductive. His silver tongue knows no end of compliments to attribute to the target of his affection, as his soft touch and warm embrace break down every barrier you thought you had. He would be happy to be your companion and your confidant, whether you seek a listerner, an advisor, or maybe just someone to treat you right. He has an interest in a few things in the human world, those being our animals (Polar bears are his favorite), our nature, art, literature, and even our politics. He is looking forward to diving headfirst into the human world with his future keeper, as he knows he will find no shortage of inspiration in our realm. 


Arventius received a quality education, the finest teachers and tutors money could buy and access to all the books he could ever read. His skills are rather well rounded, including a full course in the basics like protection, shielding, and healing and all of the offensive and defensive spells one would expect from a Demon. His combat skills are quite formidable, he was taught to fight not only effectively but stylishly as well, often calling forth whiplike tendrils of blue Hellfire to serve as his weapon in a close quarters encounter. He has always loved to study, one area of particular interest to him was shapeshifting and energy sculpting, which he often uses to change his appearance and his clothing. Currently, he is studying minor Conjuring which would include calling forth a whole roster of Demonic sprites and imps to do his bidding. He is more than happy to do spellwork for his future keeper, and he does not require offerings. If you are feeling generous, he does love sparking wine and sweet drinks like Champagne, he also loves offerings of your time and affection!


Arventius is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper if his future keeper is female. He is a tender, but dominant, lover who likes to lead intimate encounters and he spends a lot of time exploring his partner's body. Foreplay is his specialty, his light touches can leave you wanting and always wondering where the next kiss or caress will dance across your skin. His actual performance is also reputed to be quite good, although he will get better at pleasing you in particular the more he learns about your likes and dislikes. He has a mild bondage and sensory deprivation fetish, very mild as in he would use blindfolds during sex and possibly some light restraints. 

Prebound A - The Luxurious Lover

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