Entity Name: Arlees 

Entity Age: 24

Species: Foxling - Greyborn - Grey Arts

Gender: Male 


Arlees stands 5'3" tall with a slim, athletic build with wider hips and thicker legs, covered in smooth, pale cappucino toned skin. His hair is long and platinum blonde, nearly white and perfectly straight, often pulled back into loose buns or ponytails. Two oversized cream colored, tan-tipped ears burst out from his hair, overflowing with fluff, a color trend mirrored in his long, fox-like, seriously over-fluffed tail. His face is youthful and smooth with a gently curved jawline and narrow chin, accented beautifully by his large, round gold and green eyes. He likes to wear refined, well fitted clothing in light colors with lavish accents. He prefers gold-toned accessories, and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Citrine. 


Arlees is a bright, ambitious, and loyal Foxling looking for someone he can accompany to the ends of the Earth, protecting them all the while. He may not be the biggest or most threatening looking entity, but he has trained his entire life to make up for in skill what he lacks in stature. His agility and reflexes are top notch, his swordsmanship finely honed and elegant, with fierce claws and teeth to use if pushed to the brink. His personality is a bit formal, but exceedingly polite, he gets along with almost anyone and is very respectful to his teachers and his elders. He has perfect manners and all the traits of having been born into nobility, a past he seems ashamed of and tries to deny. It seems he decided that the life of a knight, a sworn protector, suited him much better than sitting atop a throne or on a council. He has an interest in a few things in the human world, mostly our movies, music, poetry and art, as well as our cuisines. 


Arlees is a dedicated and pure-hearted protector, skilled in physical combat as well as shielding and metaphysical defenses. He has studied both independently and in his time as a Noble, learning the ins and outs of cleansing, healing, and righting energetic wrongs. He is not an entity with a wide array of skills, but his true value is not in the tasks he can do for you- his true value is in the adventures you will have with him by your side, and the tireless dedication with which he will protect you. Arlees does not require offerings other than your time and appreciation, but he would appreciate being invited to share in a meal with you from time to time. 


Arlees is very timid when it comes to sex and romance, he is open to those things developing in the future though. He hopes his new keeper, if they are interested in him in this way, would be patient and kind with him, since he is inexperienced. 

Prebound A - The Foxling Prince

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