Entity Name: Artemis (Name chosen by him after Falling)
Pre-Fallen Name: Micheal (Please do not call him this) 

Entity Age: 1,725

Species: Fallen Angel - Lower Realms - Grey Arts 

Gender: Male 


Artemis stands 6' tall with an athletic body and ample muscle tone, his shoulders broad and reliable with his skin a pale golden-peach color. His hair is medium length, straight, fluffy, and pale blonde with the slightest hint of strawberry at the tips of each strand. His face is stunning with a soft expression and a straight jawline, his eyes a warm fiery orange color. He is mostly humanoid, except for his quite large, feathery wings that extend out behind him- they are easily bit enough to fully enclose him and at least one other person. He normally wears relaxed clothes without much style or uniqueness, such as white T-shirts and loose sweatpants or shorts. He prefers gold-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Tanzanite. 


Artemis is shockingly warm and sweet, from the moment you meet him he will kiss the back of your hand and be a complete gentleman in every respect. His voice is deep in tone and relaxing, with a soothing quality that seems to come from his very aura itself. You might look at him and wonder how such a beautiful soul could ever be cast out of Heaven, but in fact it is precisely because of how beautiful he is. He is passionate, sincere, emotional, and driven- and all of these are things that, unfortunately, interfered with the jobs he was chosen to do. He would be assigned to watch over someone, and grow to love them, then cover up news of their wrongdoings, so he was moved to a management type position but even there he ended up somehow wooing some of the other Angels that worked with him. It seemed to him that he was cursed with love, cursed to love and to be loved- because that love is what made him lose everything. Yet, for all he lost, he gained infinite opportunities- of which you, his future keeper, are his current favorite. The chance to finally communicate with a human and interact with a human with nobody telling him he is wrong to do so, the chance to finally, maybe, love and be loved back... He is eager to meet his future keeper, but he must go to someone who can fulfill his wish to be in a loving relationship. Artemis would be happy to spend time with his future keeper doing just about anything, but he has a particular interest in the portrayal of beings in fantasy series, so he would love to be shown things like Lord of the Rings. 


Artemis is very gentle, but only when he's off of the battlefield. He was fully trained in every form of defense and offense, a master with a sword and a legend at aerial combat too. He even has an arsenal of spells, from simple elemental attacks to more advanced rituals you would doubt came from his Angelic schooling. He is willing to share all the knowledge and information he has with you, and he hopes that you will also allow him to take the role of a protector. While he does have this knowledge of course, he is mostly hoping for a romantic and emotional connection, so please do not seek him out primarily for his abilities. Artemis does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous you can always invite him to enjoy some sweet baked goods or fruit with you. 


Artemis is, as stated, hoping for a romantic and intimate relationship between himself and his future keeper, and he has no preference for the gender of his future keeper. He is an extremely gentle lover who makes his partners feel very cherished and appreciated as he praises and kisses each part of their body. 

Prebound A - The Fallen Lover

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