Entity Name: Ari Bentier 

Entity Age: 18

Species: Greyborn Astral Humanoid - Grey Arts 

Realm: Orinthian   City: Taal'em

Gender: Female 


Ari stands 5'4" tall with a petite, leggy build and pale peach skin. Her hair is long, brown, luxuriously curly, and it dances around her in beautiful spiral ringlets as she moves. Her face is smooth and narrow, with soft cheeks and large, round, ocean blue eyes. Her body is entirely humanoid, with no horns, wings, tails, or extra features. Her figure is petite but still well proportioned, with B cup breasts, a perky, firm rear, and long, strong, smooth legs. She typically wears very elegant clothing, puffy blouses, lacy skirts, and she loves to accessorize, often wearing chains, sashes, belts, baubles, and almost always wearing her huge, billowing cloak. Her cloak is rather special, made out of fabric that shifts appearance as you look at it, it is soft to the touch and feels like fabric, but gazing into it will reveal a perfect replication of the night sky, complete with stars, nebulae, and galaxies. She trends towards silver accessories, and her favorite gemstone is Sapphire. She wears clothing in many colors, and likes to blend whites, creams, and pastels with more saturated colors to really make her appearance pop. She always has her sword on her belt, it is a long, thin blade made of a special metal that resembles Platinum with a dark blue tint. 


Ari is a sweet, gentle, happy girl who radiates warmth and care to everyone around her. She moves with excitement, almost dancing from place to place, and she is very expressive, she moves her body a lot when she talks. Her eyes sparkle with innocence and hope for the future, her ambition is to become strong and skilled so that she may defend the defenseless,  and free the imprisoned. She sees the human world as rife with injustice, and seeks to be a positive force in someone's life- she will always be in your corner, no matter what. She is easy to get along with, and bonds quickly, since she is very trusting of others. Her energy is bright and warm, honey-sweet and spring scented, her presence ushers in positive energy and positive changes. She is a simple girl, she loves flowers, nature, cute animals, dancing, music, and poetry. She has an interest in a few things in the human world, gardening, botanical gardens and parks, fashion and dressing up, music of all sorts, and baking. 


Ari may be young, but her determination, willpower, and hard work have earned her a respectable skill even at her age. Her swordsmanship is excellent, her form immaculate, and her passion for dance gives her a unique agility and lightness on her feet that most seasoned warriors would never expect from a girl like her. Her opponents underestimate her, and it has helped her win many a sparring match. She is small, but very strong when in combat, her adrenaline and intense focus amplifies her strength many times, and allows her to overpower enemies much larger than she is. Outside of battle, she wont be as pumped up, so she can seem a little weak when she interacts with you- she's just being gentle, though. She is ambitious, curious, and thirsty for knowledge and new experiences. She will eagerly accompany you anywhere, and attempt any task you set her to. She is also rather skilled in healing and protective magicks, her energy lends itself especially well to those types of activities. 


Ari hopes she will go to a keeper who is ambitious and likes to explore, someone who wants to grow with her, share their struggles with her, and become her true friend. She hopes that she will be able to accompany you for your entire life, and that you will always think of her fondly as your protector. She would also love to simply spend time with you and talk to you, listen to music with you, or share in almost any leisure activity. She loves learning about new things, and is excited to watch human media like movies and tv shows. She is a fan of shows with cute animals. 


Ari is open to the possibility of being sexual and romantic with her future keeper, but it is something that would have to happen over a long period of time. She is completely inexperienced in this area, and she hopes that you will respect her enough to take things slowly with her. She does not have a gender preference for her keeper, even if things get intimate. She would like to be romantically "wooed" if you wish to pursue this type of relationship with her. 

Prebound A - The Elegant Fencer

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