Entity Name: Araena Myrben

Entity Age: 293

Species: Seer Elf

Gender: Female


Araena stands 6' tall with pale peach skin and short, lightly curly white hair styled in a bob. Her ears come to short points, and she often wears ear-tip jewelry and has numerous piercings. Her eyes look blinded, with pale milky blue irises and whitish pupils, but she can see just fine in her own way. She has an average figure, slightly curvy, with C cup breasts and long smooth legs. She often wears white dresses adorned with various silver and platinum armor pieces, and she typically carries a staff. She is always accompanied by a handful of small Nightglow Fae Dragons, these dragons are usually about the size of a squirrel and they have a shimmery white glow to them. 


Araena is actually quite a shy girl, she tends to be quiet at first until she gets to know people. She has spent much of her life in solitude except for her Fae Dragons, her companions, confidants, and friends. She works with them daily, and frequently makes trips back and forth to their realm, checking on them and making sure they are always okay. She loves all animals and all creatures, and tends to feel more connected to them than she does to most of her peers. Despite being shy, she has a lovely personality once you get to know her. She loves helping people with anything she can, and she has a very pure heart full of brightness and love. 


Araena is a Dragon Priestess, she has filled this role in her town for centuries and will continue to do so, probably for the rest of her life. What this means is that she works with dragons, in this case Fae dragons, to help people and grant their wishes and desires. She is also trained in spellwork herself, so sometimes she simply needs the dragons help to raise energy for her own spells. Other times she may defer to their expertise, or go out and find the perfect fae dragon for the task. Her deep connections in the fae dragon community mean that she knows pretty much everyone, at least in her area, and she has no trouble finding someone who can help with just about any task. However, both she and the dragons are WA, so they will not grant darker requests. 


Araena makes a fantastic healer and protector as well. She has taken care of and healed the fae dragons that she works with for years, and has gained a lot of expertise in everything from cleansing to shielding and purifying- there are few limits to her knowledge. She would be a great source of knowledge for anyone looking to learn more about dragon magick, elven magick, or fae magick. 


Araena is not willing to be sexual with her future keeper unless there is a strong romantic bond in place, she does not care about her keeper's gender. She is open to romance happening if it does so naturally, but she does not wish for either of you to try and push yourselves towards that outcome, unless it is something you really want. 

Prebound A - The Dragon Priestess

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