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Entity Name: Aranki

Entity Age: 1,836

Species: Greyborn Marid Djinn - Grey Arts

Gender: Male 


Aranki stands 6'2" tall with an athletic, sturdy build and broad shoulders, his skin a rich shade of maple-brown with reddish and caramel tones. His hair is long, straight, and black, inky and slick and often pulled back into a braid, inlaid with gemstone beads and charms. His face is intense, angular with high cheekbones and a sharp, narrow chin, his deep gunmetal grey eyes shining in the light. No horns, wings, or tail betray his appearance, allowing him to blend in perfectly with humanoids in the astral. His clothing is reminiscent of a desert adventurer's garb, robes and sashes to shield his skin from the harsh sun and wind layered thickly upon his body, the colors mostly beige, brown, and sand in tone with the occasional rich royal purple or blue accent piece. He prefers gold toned accessories and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Larimar. 


Aranki is a strong, confident, honest Djinn with a blunt manner of speaking that can be difficult to adjust to. He is very well educated, well trained, and his skills are honed- so he has no time to mince words. He will tell you exactly what must be done, and how, to achieve your goals... Though you may not like what you hear. Aranki is independent, having branched out on his own at a young age to travel the planes, teaching him to be self sufficient in a wide variety of situations. Personality wise, if you can tolerate his honesty, he is calm and gentle to those whose company he values, and he is very appreciative of his station in life and grateful towards others that show him kindness. While he is not much for gossip, he does love to talk about current events, especially political affairs of the Djinni realms, which he stays abreast of even though he no longer lives there. His travels have brought him knowledge and wisdom, much of it learned by experience, or under the wing of a seasoned pro. He has an interest in a few things in the human world, although our media is far too sexual for his tastes usually, he does like music, sculptural art, poetry, spicy cuisine, coffee, and human current affairs. 


Aranki is a skilled combatant, his agiliy and technique leaving nothing to be desired on the battlefield, and his magickal skills complement this. As a Marid Djinn his magicks pertain to wish granting, and are extremely adaptable. Anything you wish for could be brought to fruition through his workings- though they may not happen how you expect them to, or as quickly as you expect. Grand wishes such as winning the lotto are usually left unfulfilled, since everyone is trying to hard to influence large events like those that they all tend to cancel out- But smaller wishes, incremental wishes, can be granted quickly and efficiently. For example, ask to simply make enough money to cover a bill, or for enough money to treat yourself with a present, and wealth may appear to you in unexpected ways. Alternatively, you might be presented with opportunities to get what you want for yourself- if you wish for money, more overtime might be offered at work, or someone in your circle of friends might offer a side job to you. Wishes for friends, love, and social prowess can also be granted with ease by a skilled Djinn such as Aranki, even wishes to heal yourself or others, better your skills, achieve higher test scores or improve your memory are all within his capabilities. Djinn magick amplifies the pure essence of your wish- so please make your wishes in a manner that is pure of heart. Hateful wishes, or ones tainted by envy and jealousy may be granted, but amplifying hateful energy usually leads to negative outcomes- thus giving Djinn their reputation for misinterpreting wishes. Aranki does require offerings, he would like you to once a month or more dedicate a crystal in his honor and anoint it with flame and smoke. This can be done with any gem, simply pass the gem through smoke and flame and speak aloud your wish to offer it to Aranki. Place the gem in a place to display it afterwards, and respectfully care for them- Aranki will often stop by to admire the collection you build for him, and may cause odd happenings in the area. I do not personally recommend keeping Aranki's offerings near electronic devices due to likely interference when he visits. 


Aranki is willing to be romantic and sexual with his future keeper, if his future keeper is female. He is a timid and sweet lover, just as honest about his feelings as he is about everything else. His words will make your heart swell, as he tells you how much you mean to him, and poetically describes the way you brighten his day every time he sees you. He likes long, drawn out courtship before things get physical, and he would very much like to begin any relationship as a friendship first. He wants to learn all about you, to not only love his future partner, but respect them as a person, too. 

Prebound A - The Djinn Wanderer

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