Entity Name: Arturiel Naltour

Entity Age: 33,517

Species: Negation-Born Reaper Demon

Gender: Male 


Arturiel stands 6'7" tall with a strong, toned build and flawlessly smooth sheet-white skin. His hair is extremely long, perfectly straight, and pure white with the lightest glint of silver in the sunlight. He normally keeps his hair pinned back so it stays out of his way. His face is narrow with high cheekbones and sharply angled, bright red eyes that stand out against his pale skin and hair. Two large, smooth white horns thrust out through his hair, one on either side of his forehead, and two huge, leathery, white Demon wings stretch out behind him, a long, thin white tail with an arrowhead tip completing his look. He normally wears an elaborate white and silver cloak, inscribed with countless incantations and spells that are burned into the very thread that comprises it. Underneath his cloak he wears fitted, Victorian-style clothing in pale colors, as close to white as possible. He prefers Platinum accessories, and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Moonstone. 


Arturiel is a cool, calm, collected Demon with a storied past and impressive skills. He is clearly intelligent when he speaks, an artist with words and amazing at explaining things to others. He comes off as a bit detached from the world around him, and can sometimes appear to be lost in his own world when he enters a deep state of focus. He has a dark sense of humor and very loose morals, so he's not opposed to kicking back with some liquor and relaxing. Most of the time he is refined and well put together, his eloquent speech reminiscent of poetry, his deep voice caressing your ears in a way that can only be described as otherworldly. Arturiel has spent nearly his entire life working as a Reaper. Being Negation-Born, he is naturally suited for this work and he is easily able to control his emotions while on assignment. His weapon of choice, which he is never without, is a hugely oversized, long-handled axe with a silver blade. Like most Reaper's weapons, his weapon is a Living Weapon and through usage it has taken on it's own personality, skills, and traits. Arturiel has an interest in a few things in the human world, particularly our music, arts, creative pursuits, especially writing and poetry, and our culinary arts as well. 


Arturiel would love to go to a keeper who will frequently talk with him, someone who will express themselves and allow him to express himself in turn. He wants to meditate with his future keeper and impart knowledge and visions, working on your bond and your senses at the same time. He would love to go to a keeper who writes or takes part in any creative acts, or someone who is interested in divination and Tarot. 


Arturiel's position as a Reaper has forced him to keep his skills honed throughout his entire life. His reaction time and versatility in combat is remarkable, as glowing blue and purple flames dance around him, his Negation energy being used as an aetheric catalyst to raise immense amounts of energy. His Living Weapon, Orietelle, changes form at his bidding and is fully capable of winning most bouts by herself. Usually a long-handled axe, Orietelle often adds chains to the mix, dancing and pulsing with Negation energy, they entangle foes and sap them of their vitality, bringing a quick end to any fight. Even on his own, Arturiel is a force to be reckoned with. He has a huge catalog of spells to choose from in his head, ranging from Negation magicks to Death magick, Pestilence and Poisons, Sicknesses and Seizures, and of course Soul magicks, utilizing the Soul energy he gathers in his work. His spells can be adapted for any purpose, from the obvious hexes, curses, and revenge to the less obvious wish granting, wealth gaining, and self improvement aspects. He knows spells to increase psychic sensitivity, reinforce your ability to feel astral beings, as well as a whole host of cleansing and healing magick, making him a very well rounded partner. He is willing to do tasks on behalf of his future keeper and he does require offerings, he would prefer offerings of flowers, especially roses. 


Arturiel is open to being romantic and sexual with his future keeper regardless of gender. He is not well versed in romance, as he has never had to woo anyone before. He is proper and refined in this aspect of his life, too, often offering his love gifts of flowers or beautiful baubles on the astral plane. He is not very physical, although he likes cuddling and touching, you will have to initiate it. He is very dominant and intense as a lover, he favors restraints and bondage as well as sensory play, bringing different objects and props into the mix like floggers or feather ticklers. 

Prebound A - The Demon Headsman

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